Which Person In Uniform Will You Date?

You can't help but respect someone in uniform. Which respectable person will be in your arms?

Question 1/10
Which do you prefer more?
A sharp mind
A passionate soul
A down-to-earth attitude

Question 2/10
How are you with long-distance relationship?
I'm terrible in them
I'm okay with them
I don't like them but I can do it if needed

Question 3/10
What's your definition of a successful date?
One where you have an emotional connection
One that is exciting and fun
One where you have plenty of things to talk about

Question 4/10
What do you seek in a relationship?

Question 5/10
A definite deal break for you is:
Too much time away from each other
Someone who cheats
Someone who puts me down

Question 6/10
What is the key to making a relationship last?
Keeping things exciting

Question 7/10
What work stories interest you most?
Shootouts and such
War stories
Dramatic medical stories
Fires and animal rescues

Question 8/10
Is it important for them to be physically fit?
Very important to me
It's pretty important
I don't mind if they aren't

Question 9/10
Which would upset you most in a relationship?
Feeling like your partner isn't invested in the relationship
Feeling controlled by them
Feeling like they can't keep up intellectually
Feeling like they don't care for your emotions

Question 10/10
You fall in love using your:
The person who will be by your side is none other than a paramedic or EMS! They are hard-working and caring people who will do anything to make sure someone is okay. You know that with their big heart and quick wit, you'll definitely be in good arms.

The one to capture your heart is none other than a firefighter! They have fierce loyalty and bravery and will risk their life just to help someone else. While you may worry every time they go to fight a fire, you're extremely grateful to be with such a fearless individual.

The one who will be in your life is none other than someone from the military! Loving someone from the military is definitely stressful and difficult. While in a long-distance relationship, you'll worry if they may not make it back. You believe though that true love is worth waiting for and you're thankful for their sacrifice.

Your heart is captured by none of than a police officer! You know that if you're with them, you'll always feel safe and secure. They're extremely loyal to you as well as their community. You may depend on them but they also rely on you when times get tough.

Police Officer