Which Personality Type Should You Date?

Who would be perfect by your side?

Question 1/10
Which quality do you look for most in a partner?

Question 2/10
Do you need constant attention from your partner?
Not at all
Sometimes I do
Yes I do

Question 3/10
Are you an adventurous individual?
Not at all
Yes I am
It depends

Question 4/10
What's your definition of a successful first date?
Something that's exciting
One where I can talk freely
One where we have a deep discussion
One that feels peaceful

Question 5/10
What's a deal breaker for you?
A controlling partner
Someone who's never there for me
Someone who can't keep up in conversation
Someone who's lazy
Someone who's too energetic

Question 6/10
Who do you spend most of your free time with?
My partner
My family
My friends

Question 7/10
What's the key to making a relationship last?
Keeping things fresh
A peaceful relationship
A relationship that's engaging and interesting
Commitment and dedication
Constantly working on improving it

Question 8/10
What would you never compromise for the sake of a relationship?
My individuality
My freedom
My big-picture goals
My social status

Question 9/10
Do you want a partner who's younger or older than you?
Same age

Question 10/10
You fall in love using your:
Your body
Your heart
You're not one who like to be constrained in a relationship and you want a partner to understand that. You do what you want in life because you're free-spirited and you need a lover who can share in that. You want to experience life in full force and see everything the world has to offer.

A Free-Spirited Individual
You're not looking to have a wild relationship but one that feels safe and secure. You want someone who's ready for commitment and that can make you feel loved. You want someone who is reliable and who can also bring the romance when it's needed.

A Protective Individual
You want someone who can be level-headed and rational in a relationship. You want someone who won't base decisions on emotions or passion but rather on facts and logic. You like romance but you like a realistic approach to it.

An Intelligent Individual
You want someone who has big dreams and a fiery passion that can't be smothered. You want someone who's not afraid to tell you how they feel and who can communicate well. You want them to bring a spark to the relationship and have no trouble keeping it alive.

An Idealist
You want someone who's fine with just relaxing and enjoying the moment. You like to get out and have fun but you need someone who can balance out your wild side. You want someone who will make you feel relaxed and grounded.

A Tranquil Individual