Which Retro Job Would You Have Had?

These retro jobs helped women find a way into the workforce and gain equality! Do you know which retro job you would've had back in the day? It's time to find out. Take these 10 questions and discover which retro job you would have in the past!

Question 1/10
What is something you love doing, even when you're tired?
Visiting with family or friends
Cooking dinner
Browsing the internet
Working on my hobbies
Reading a good book

Question 2/10
Where did you learn your values from?
My friends

Question 3/10
Who is the most important person in your life?
My parents
My best friend
My significant other
My boss
I'm not sure

Question 4/10
Which retro beverage would you most like to drink?
A Coca Cola
An A&W Root Beer
An Orange Crush
A 7-UP
A Pepsi

Question 5/10
What do you typically spend your paycheck on?
Bills and groceries
Home goods
All of the above

Question 6/10
What's your idea of a perfect retro date night?
A night at the drive-in
Milkshakes and stargazing
A carnival
Roller skating

Question 7/10
What's your preferred method of transportation?
My own two feet

Question 8/10
What retro trend do you wish would come back into style?
Poodle skirts
Beehive hairdos
Skater dresses

Question 9/10
Do you like leading others?

Question 10/10
What would your current boss say about you?
I'm creative
I'm outgoing
I'm passionate
I'm detail oriented
I'm professional
The retro job you would have had is a switchboard operator! You're an excellent multi-tasker with a knack for doing several things all at once. You're not easily overwhelmed and truly enjoy a good challenge!

Switchboard Operator
The retro job that would have suited you is a seamstress! You've always been crafty, attentive, and good with your hands. Not only do you have a love for fashion and clothing, but you have a deep passion for creating new things.

The job you would have held back in the day is a teacher! You're strong, compassionate, and wise. In your opinion, imparting wisdom and helping future generations to grow is the responsibility of every adult in this world.

The retro job you would have had is a factory worker! You're tough as nails and as resilient as they come. You've never passed up an opportunity to work with your hands and learn something new. When the men were at war, you would have been working to keep things moving smoothly back in the states.

Factory Worker
The retro job that you would have held is a secretary! You're a great multi-tasker with a deep love of communicating with others. The office environment would have suited your spitfire personality perfectly.