Which Romantic Comedy Tells The Story of Your Life?

Sometimes, we wonder why life can't be life it is in the movies. If your life was a romantic comedy, then which one would it be?

Question 1/11

Which store do you like to shop at most?
Small, local shops
I hate shopping
TJ Maxx/Ross/Marshall's
I don't know

Question 2/11

Pick a favorite male actor.
Channing Tatum
Tom Hanks
Matthew Mcconaughey
Ryan Philippe
Harrison Ford
None of these/Other

Question 3/11

What type of flower is your favorite?
Bird of Paradise
Other/I don't know

Question 4/11

Which type of home would you prefer to live in?
Cabin in the woods
A single-family in a great neighborhood
A big mansion with modern upgrades
An apartment in New York City
Beach Bungalow

Question 5/11

Choose one exercise hobby that you enjoy.
Walking through different neighborhoods with my dog
I prefer artistic pursuits
I don't know/Other

Question 6/11

Do you have any regrets?
Yes. Too many,
No. I don't believe in regrets.
Some, but I try not to dwell on those things. I always look on the bright side.
Don't ask.
I'm not telling you!

Question 7/11

Pick a color.
I prefer a different color

Question 8/11

What is your favorite scent?
Fresh baked cookies
Freshly cut flowers
Leather like the interior of my boyfriend's sports car
I don't have a favorite

Question 9/11

Pick a classic TV sitcom.
Full House
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Saved by the Bell
I Love Lucy
None of these

Question 10/11

Choose a pet.
No pets allowed!

Question 11/11

Which musical artist/group do you like the most?
Lil Jon
Keith Urban
Otis Redding
Bon Iver
You are a strong woman and everyone knows it. You know how to get exactly what you want and you often scare others with your fierce personality. However, you are actually an amazing woman when people take the time to break down your walls and get to know you. Your ideal man might be younger than you or not as dominant as you, but he will cherish your go-getter attitude in your professional life and your softer side during alone time.

The Proposal

You love your job and you know that you are good—no GREAT at it. Your ideal man might be an anonymous guy that you share lovely emails with via AOL or it might be your business competitor. They say the heart wants what it can’t have, and that usually proves true. You are a sweet, loving person, so it is no wonder that even the man that you challenge every step of the way would fall madly in love with you.

You’ve Got Mail

You are a strong woman and would do anything for your career and to protect others. However, you hate getting dressed up or being uncomfortable in your clothes. How are you supposed to protect the world in a mini-skirt and high heels that kill your feet? Nevertheless, under your tough exterior, people can see that you are beautiful and have a big heart. You are an unassuming beauty. One day, your co-worker sees you as one of the guys, and then he realizes what a true stunner you are!

Miss Congeniality

You are artsy and are not very concerned about what others might think. You are beautiful, but you aren’t very concerned with makeup or fancy clothes. You like to let your natural beauty shine through. While people might not see it upon first glance, the closer they look, the sooner they will see how radiant you are. The man of your dreams is one of these people. You introduce him to things that interest you and he will be blown away by how wonderful you truly are.

She’s All That

You know exactly who you are in your professional life. You are incredibly successful in that part of your life, but your personal life is a bit of a mess. You can’t decide whether marriage is right for you or not. Or maybe, it’s just not the right time? However, the man of your dreams will get to know the real you beyond your stunning beauty. Then, you will know that you were just waiting for the right person!

Runaway Bride