Which Saved By The Bell Character Are You?

Saved By The Bel was our guilty pleasure show for a long time. We loved seeing the gang get into Zack's crazy schemes every week. Which Saved By The Bell character are you most like?

Question 1/10
Choose your favorite word.

Question 2/10
You are having a bad day. Who is the best person to console you?
My boyfriend/husband
A trusted friend
A counselor
A family member

Question 3/10
Which girlfriend/love interest did you like the most for Zack?
Leslie (from The College Years)

Question 4/10
What type of soda do you prefer?
Diet Coke
Ginger Ale

Question 5/10
Which city in the Northeast most appeals to you?
New York City

Question 6/10
You find a hundred-dollar bill on the ground at the mall. What do you do?
Return it to customer service. Someone is probably missing it
Go around to strangers asking if it is theirs
Keep it! You need extra cash for your hot date tonight!

Question 7/10
You get a cut in the middle of work. It is bleeding. What do you do?
Get a band-aid out of my desk. I am always prepared for this!
Walk around and ask other people for band-aids, showing them your cut as you go.
Walk quietly to the bathroom, run it under water, and wait until it stops.
Just ignore it. You've had worse
It depends how bad the cut really is.

Question 8/10
What type of floor would you prefer your home to have?
Hard wood floors
Tile floors
Stone floors (i.e. granite, travertine)

Question 9/10
You go to a bar. What are you drinking?
I don't drink.
A martini

Question 10/10
When are you most likely to eat dinner?
I eat early (4-6 p.m.)
At a normal time (6-8 p.m.)
I normally eat after 9 p.m.
You are beautiful and cheerful person. People are drawn to your positive energy and seek you out for your kind and nurturing spirit.

Kelly Kapowski

You are athletic and confident in yourself. You are also a very good friend and love being recognized for a job well done.

AC Slater

You are the King of Bayside High. You are also very intelligent scoring the highest on the SATs, but may not always apply yourself in class. Still, you always stick up for your friends and they truly love you despite all your crazy schemes.

Zack Morris

You are a strong, ambitious woman who is not afraid to voice her opinion in the face of opposition. You are highly intelligent and respected by your friends and peers. You are the president of most clubs because you are just that much of a go-getter.

Jessie Spano

While you come in a small package, you are still the smartest person on the whole show. You always know how to make your friends laugh and are willing to do anything to make them happy, especially your best friend!

Screech Powers