Which Song Was Actually Written About You?

Which song fits your life perfectly?

Question 1/10
How satisfied are you with life currently?
Very satisfied
Pretty satisfied
Not at all satisfied

Question 2/10
How difficult has life been for you?
Not too difficult
Somewhat difficult
Very difficult

Question 3/10
What do you like most about yourself?
My courage
My confidence
My optimistim
My compassion
My manners

Question 4/10
What is your biggest flaw?
My ego
My stubbornness
I'm naive
I can be a bit clingy
I can be too serious

Question 5/10
You consider yourself:

Question 6/10
What decade do you prefer?
The 50's
The 60's
The 70's
The 80's
The 90's

Question 7/10
How would you say your self-esteem is?

Question 8/10
Has anyone ever written a song about you?
Yes they have
Not that I know of
Not they haven't

Question 9/10
When do you usually listen to music?
When I'm sad
When I'm heartbroken
When I'm angry
When I'm bored

Question 10/10
Do you like to stand out?
Not at all
I don't mind it
Yes I do
This song was written just for you to let you know just how beautiful you truly are. It's easy to doubt yourself and look down on your beauty but you shouldn't listen to doubts. You're a beautiful person inside and out.

You're Beautiful

This was the song that was written just for you. Life is difficult but you show everyone that you're incredibly strong. No matter how many times life knocks you down, you back up right away to challenge life head on.

I Will Survive

This is the song that was written just for you. It's easy to lose hope in life and believe the worse but you still keep optimistic. No matter how bleak the outlook may seem, you stay positive and keep a little hope.

Don't Stop Believing

This is the song that was created just for you. You have a big heart that seems to be full of never ending love for others. Everyone you meet will always have a special place in your heart, whether they're still in your life or not.

I Will Always Love You

This is the song that was created just for you. You make sure to be polite and respectful to everyone you meet in life no matter what. You know that it's important to treat others with good manners and you hold that to high value.