Which Southern City Matches Your Disposition?

Things move just a little bit slower and taste a little bit sweeter down south! Every single person has a Southern city that matches their disposition perfectly. It's that one place that feels tailor made to their personality! Think you know which Southern city matches your disposition? Take a trip down South and find out! You might just find your new home sweet home.

Question 1/10
In your dream life, your house is....
Modern and sleek
Craftsman style
Big and traditional
Full of old charm
Bohemian and artistic

Question 2/10
How do you like to get around town?
On a bicycle.
On foot.
In my luxury car.
In my small SUV.
On public transportation.

Question 3/10
If someone asked you what you liked most about yourself, what would you say?
My sense of humor.
My loyalty.
My fashion sense.
My work ethic.
My creativity.

Question 4/10
On a hot day, all you want to reach for is an icy cold...
Cold brew
Sweet tea
Matcha latte

Question 5/10
If you were planning a trip to Europe, which city would you most want to visit?

Question 6/10
Your best friend got a promotion, you're still stuck in the same gig. How do you feel?
I'd be seriously jealous.
I'd feel a bit biter.
I'd be really happy for them.
I'd be happy for them, but sad for me.
I'd be glad I guess.

Question 7/10
You're going on a blind date. How do you prepare?
Hit the mall for a nice new outfit.
Work an extra shift for some dough.
Relax and enjoy the ride.
Try to do some digging on them.
Practice my self-care routine.

Question 8/10
People would say that you're very....
Hard working

Question 9/10
What flaw do you need to work on?
Spending beyond my means.
Being a bit defensive.
Being a doormat.
Eating too much.
Taking things too seriously.

Question 10/10
Which genre of live music is your favorite?
Something else
Your disposition is a perfect match for Dallas! After all, everything is bigger in Texas, even the attitudes. You're a big, brash and confident gal who isn't afraid to be herself. Dallas is a fashionable and sophisticated city, perfect for a culture buff like yourself. You'll have plenty of opportunities to try new foods, go to museums, and shop until you drop. Hope you have a big credit card limit!

Your disposition is a perfect match for Nashville! After all, the music city is all about creativity and walking on the wild side. You're a creative, eccentric and outgoing gal who isn't afraid to chase her dreams. Nashville is an artistic, open-minded and cultured city, perfect for someone with ideals as big as yours. You'll have plenty of opportunities to go for your dreams, try new dishes and mingle with folks who share your love of music!

Your disposition is a perfect match for Atlanta! Home to hustlers, bustlers, and folks of every kind of background. Atlanta is a large urban city with plenty of opportunities for you to chase your larger than life goals. It has a lively food scene, plenty of culture, and music to get you grooving. As a self assured person with confidence to spare, you'd love the fast pace and upbeat nature of this Southern mecca!

Your disposition is perfect for the historic city of Charleston! Your an old soul who is fond of keeping up with tradition. Luckily, Charleston is like taking a trip back in time. With cobblestone streets and plenty of charm, you'll feel like you're living in an entirely different world. As someone who enjoys a slower pace of life, you'll love that Charleston is laid back yet full of amenities and options. From comforting southern cuisine to beautiful little shops, Charleston is the perfect place for you.

Your disposition is perfect for the city of Austin! Let's be honest, you march to the beat of your own drum, much like the fine folks of Austin. You love music, movies, arts, and trying cuisines from all over the world. Some might say you're a bit eccentric or bohemian, but really you just like living free. In this city, you'll embrace who you truly are without fear of judgement or worry. Ready to pack your bags yet?