Which Strong Female Personality Are You?

According to science, there are three distinct types of strong female personalities. But which fierce personality type embodies you? When it comes right down to it, do you know who you are? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
When something doesn't go your way, how do you react?
I come up with a plan B.
I let myself feel bad and then I move on.
I can be a bit dramatic.

Question 2/10
What takes top priority in your day to day life?
My family
My dreams
My career

Question 3/10
Choose the dessert you'd order:
Ice cream sundae
Chocolate cake

Question 4/10
When someone gives you advice, you tend to...
Consider it carefully.
Ignore it completely.
Be grateful for the help.

Question 5/10
You're sitting at a dead stop in traffic. How will you pass the time?
Jamming out to my favorite songs.
Listening to an audiobook.
Taking deep cleansing breaths.

Question 6/10
An important meeting is scheduled for the same time as your daughter's school play. Which do you go to?
The meeting.
The play.
I try to make both.

Question 7/10
Choose a vacation spot to treat yourself to on a solo getaway:
Bali, Indonesia
Paris, France
Marrakech, Morocco

Question 8/10
You’re roped into doing karaoke. What happens next?
I perform a huge solo.
I perform with a friend.
I slink off to the bathroom to hide.

Question 9/10
Pick a strong female icon:
Michelle Obama
Ruth Bader Ginsberg
Oprah Winfrey

Question 10/10
If you could have a super power, which one of these would it be?
Mind control.
Controlling the elements.
Your strong female personality type is "the Independent woman." You're the type of woman who always takes responsibility for her own emotional and physical well-being. You know your own worth and aren't easily swayed by what others think. Though you listen to advice, you always make up your own mind. Romantic relationships aren't a big priority in your life, but you do love fiercely and know the difference between being in love and letting a man run the show.

The Independent Woman
The strong female personality type that you're most like is the "assertive woman." You're the type of woman who doesn't shy away from asking for what you want. You're never ashamed of how you feel and know that you have the right to feel or be whoever you are in the moment. You're proud of yourself and the life that you've built. Unlike some, you know that marriage, a job, a man, and friends are important, but that they do not define you.

The Assertive Woman
The strong female personality type that you're most like is "the joyful woman." Yes, joy and strength do go hand in hand. You're the type of woman who is determined to stay happy and jovial in your everyday life. While others complain or mope, you focus on staying positive and grateful for all that you do have. You always try to make things fun, even if you're just waiting in line at the bank or running errands. Much like a strong woman, you spread joy and seek to ensure that all those you love are also happy. While you're serious about achieving your goals, you know that life is too short not to have a little fun!

The Joyful Woman