Which Style Of Wedding Dress Is Right for You?

If you've ever dreamed about your wedding day, then you've probably already got the perfect dress in mind! Ever wondered which style of wedding dress is actually right for you? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
What season do you want to marry in?

Question 2/10
Your wedding will be best described as:

Question 3/10
What's your best feature?
My curves
My legs
My Arms
My waist
My shoulders

Question 4/10
What do you not want your dress to be?

Question 5/10
Who would foot the bill for your dress?
My parents
My partner
Me, myself, and I.
A wealthy relative

Question 6/10
What time of day would you want your wedding to take place?
Early afternoon

Question 7/10
The most important feature of your dress is:
It looks good in photos.
I can dance in it.
My family loves it.
It's unique and out of the box.
I feel like a million bucks.

Question 8/10
What will you do with your dress after the wedding?
Store it in the attic.
Display it in my home.
Pass it down to my daughter one day.
Sell it for money.
Trash it.

Question 9/10
Where would your dream wedding be held?
In a beautiful rustic meadow.
In a country club.
In a hotel ball room.
In the backyard.
AT a historic castle.

Question 10/10
What color flowers will you have at your wedding?
The style of wedding dress that's right for you is a vintage tea length style! You're an old soul who loves to do things the old fashioned way. You want your wedding to be a reflection of the past and the present, a true marriage of your vintage sensibilities and your modern independence.

Vintage Tea Length
The wedding dress style that's perfect for you is the sexy mermaid style! You're a bold and confident woman who isn't afraid to show off your best assets. You love to cause a stir and always aim for a flashy sense of style. On your wedding day, you want to wow your husband-to-be and all of your guests!

Sexy Mermaid Style
The wedding dress style that best matches you is a princess style gown! On your wedding day, you want to feel like a princess marrying her prince. You want a dress that's heavily beaded, sparkly, and truly one of a kind. A big skirt and a tight bodice sound right up your alley!

Princess Style
The wedding dress style that best matches your personality is a vintage lace dress with sleeves! You're a demure and classic beauty who embodies a quiet strength. You tend to be drawn to styles of the past and draw inspiration from royal looks such as the dress worn by Kate Middleton. You're all about looking every bit a blushing bride!

Vintage Lace With Sleeves
The wedding dress style that best matches your personality is a classic A-line! You don't need your dress to require handlers or a train that runs the entire length of the chapel, all you really need is a classic and modern dress that makes you look and feel beautiful. You're an easy going gal who wants to look like herself on her wedding day, not someone else!

Classic A-Line