Which Tarot Card Describes Your Personality?

Everything is connected to the energies of the universe, especially your personality. In the Tarot cards lies the key to unlocking who you really are. Which drawn card would best describe you as a person? Is your personality written in the cards? Hit start to find out.

Question 1/10
Which quote speaks to you?
"I restore myself when I'm alone."
"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."
"What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing."
"Be who you are, not who the world wants you to be."

Question 2/10
You just woke up. What's the first thing you do?
Check my email.
Go back to sleep.
Get ready.
Sneak in a workout.
Meditate or journal.

Question 3/10
Where would you feel most like yourself?
A big library with open desk space.
At the park with my closest friends.
A bed with freshly washed sheets.
A dramatic stormy night by the beach.
A bustling arcade with lots of noise.

Question 4/10
A fortune teller just offered you a free psychic reading. How do you respond?
Tell them I need to think about it first.
Walk away without saying a word.
Ask more questions.
Accept the offer.
Sit down no questions asked.

Question 5/10
Pick a crystal:
Rose Quartz
Black tourmaline
Tiger's eye

Question 6/10
Stress happens to the best of us. How do you prefer to deal with it?
A creative hobby.
Spending time alone.
Spending time with friends.
Going outside.
Watching a movie.

Question 7/10
Do you believe in supernatural entities, such as ghosts and angels?
I don't think so, but I'm not sure.
I definitely do not.
I believe in some entities.
I believe in all entities.

Question 8/10
You're going to a potluck tonight and forgot to cook food. What do you do?
Order an entire pizza.
Buy some veggies and hummus.
Bring chips and dip.
Get a bottle of wine.
Bring nothing but myself.

Question 9/10
Think about your closet. What color dominates your wardrobe?
Light colors.
Black and neutral colors.
A little bit of everything.
Bright happy colors.

Question 10/10
It's your day off. What are you looking forward to doing?
Catching up with friends
Binge watching shows
Doing something creative
The tarot card that describes your personality is the sun card. Much like the sun, you have a natural vibration that draws people into your world. Positive and optimistic, you exude a warmth and energy that brings others to life. You're also quite a lot of fun! Though you can be a bit arrogant, you always seem to make everyone around you happy!

The Sun
The tarot card that best describes your personality is the hermit card! You're a very quiet and introspective person who often thinks quite deeply about this life you lead. A homebody to the core, you always prefer to stay in and enjoy the comforts of home. Going out just isn't your thing. While you have a few close friends, you don't trust easily or let new people into your world.

The Hermit
The tarot card that describes your personality is the moon card! You're a very creative and intuitive individual. In fact, you feel things quite a bit more deeply than most. Still, others find you to be quite mysterious and hard to read. Though you can be manipulative and dark, you also have a dreamy or almost cosmic quality about you.

The Moon Card
The tarot card that best describes your personality is the Magician card! You're someone who exudes powerful and new ideas at all times. You also have a truly rich inner world and an active imagination. When you choose to sit down and put your ideas on paper, they easily turn into amazing realities. A natural born leader, you make everything you do look easy.

The Magician Card
The tarot card that best represents your personality is the fool card! You're a young soul at heart, which means you can be a bit naive and innocent at times. With a playful mind and a sense of adventure, you love to try new things and make others laugh. Spontaneous and relaxed, you have a true lust for life. There's nothing you won't try!

The Fool