Which Taylor Swift Are You?

Did you hear? The old Taylor is no longer, but she's had some amazing personas over the years. Do you know which Taylor Swift you're most like? It's time to find out!

Question 1/10
What's your one true weakness?
Cute animals
Online shopping

Question 2/10
In order for someone to date you they must....
Win over all of my friends
Have a great sense of humor
Not be afraid of success
Always be honest with me
Be stylish and put together
Have a lot of ambition

Question 3/10
What annoys you the most?
Falling ill
Shady friends

Question 4/10
What's your favorite accessory?
A floppy hat
A big scarf

Question 5/10
How do you deal with two faced friends?
I mope
I seek revenge
I throw shade right back
I laugh it off
I make them regret messing with me

Question 6/10
Where is your dream home located?
Los Angeles
Rhode Island
New York
Cape Cod

Question 7/10
Which trait are you most proud to call your own?
My sense of wonder
My whip smart intelligence
My sense of humor
My big heart
My creativity

Question 8/10
Which clique did you belong to in high school?
The band kids
The popular kids
The jocks
The theater nerds
The art kids

Question 9/10
What job do you think you’d be really good at?
Talk show host
Country singer
Fashion designer

Question 10/10
Are you usually early or late?
I'm usually early
I'm usually late
It depends
You're most like country sweet Taylor Swift! Much like Taylor early in her career, you're sweet, naive, and innocent. You believe that people always have good intentions and tend to have your best interests in mind. Though you're not above getting your revenge through song or killing them with kindness, you don't like to make a mountain out of a mole hill just yet.

Country Sweet
The Taylor Swift that you're most like is hipster Taylor Swift! During the "Red" era of Taylor's career, she turned from sweet innocent country girl, to trendy and clever hipster. With more quips than a Seinfeld episode, this Taylor had a sharp tongue and an ear for catchy hooks. Much like this Taylor Swift, you're trendy, sarcastic, and whip smart.

Hipster Taylor
You're most like sexy Taylor Swift! During her "1989" years, Taylor took a turn from sweet innocent country girl to full blown sex pot. With sharp words, epic hooks, and a wardrobe worthy of any pop icon, this Taylor was out for world domination. Much like sexy Taylor, you're glamorous, intelligent, bold, and confident!

Sexy Taylor
You're most like marching band Taylor Swift! Much like this era in Taylor Swift, you're all about your friends and your biggest fans. You love to put on a good show and aren't above trying new things for the sake of entertainment and art. You're embracing you and learning about who you really are with every step you take in life.

Marching Band Taylor
You're most like sparkly dress Taylor Swift! For awhile, it seemed like Taylor Swift owned more sparkly dresses than plain white t-shirts. This Taylor was soft spoken, intellectual, and unwilling to partake in too much drama. Much like sparkly dress Taylor, you're feminine, sweet, and a bit on the shy side.

Sparkly Dress Taylor