Which Thanksgiving Side Dish Are You Most Like?

While turkey may be the main attraction on Thanksgiving day, one simply cannot ignore the bevy of delicious side dishes. Do you know which Thanksgiving side dish you are most like? Take these ten questions and find out!

Question 1/10
What do you most look forward to during Thanksgiving weekend?
Checking out the foliage
Visiting with family
Hitting the stores for good deals
Sleeping in and doing nothing

Question 2/10
Who in your family is most likely to cook Thanksgiving dinner?
Anyone who can be trusted with knives
My parents or me
Someone in the extended family
We usually have dinner catered

Question 3/10
Be honest. What's the best Thanksgiving dessert?
Apple pie
Pecan pie
Pumpkin pie
A fancy fruit bowl

Question 4/10
In your opinion Thanksgiving is....
The best holiday
The worst holiday
A holiday for eating

Question 5/10
Which part of the turkey are you?
The leg
All of it, I am a turkey
The good stuff inside
A fresh piece of white meat

Question 6/10
What is the best thing about a long weekend?
The sleeping in obviously
Diet cheat days
Spending unnecessary money

Question 7/10
What's your least favorite part of Thanksgiving?
Dealing with family
Having to do all of the cooking
The clean up
Black Friday
I love all of it

Question 8/10
How much do you eat during Thanksgiving dinner?
I usually pop a button or two
Enough to feel satisfied
Too much, way too much

Question 9/10
What does your plate look like?
A mix of everything available on the table
A few select sides and a heaping meat pile
Just sides and lots of bread

Question 10/10
Are you the center of attention in your family?
The Thanksgiving side dish that you are most like is candied yams! You're pretty much everyone's favorite side dish (though potato purists may disagree). Sweet, savory, and full of sugar; it's as close to dessert as someone can get at Thanksgiving dinner.

Candied Yams
The Thanksgiving side dish that you are most like is green bean casserole. Okay, so you're not everyone's cup of tea but you do have a strong cult following. Those who love you, love you for your savory and saucy side. Those who don't, simply don't know what awesome looks like.

Green Bean Casserole
The Thanksgiving side dish you are most like is mashed potatoes! Much like this beloved side dish, you're comforting, warm, and always a crowd pleaser. Think of yourself as a warm hug on a cold chilly day.

Mashed Potatoes
The Thanksgiving side dish you are most like is cranberry sauce! Sweet and versatile, you share a lot in common with this delicious side. From topping the turkey, to getting slathered on a biscuit, you're highly adaptable just like this side.

Cranberry Sauce
The Thanksgiving side dish that you are most like is bacon mac and cheese! You're the favorite side dish at pretty much every Thanksgiving dinner. Much like in real life when you're always the center of attention at family gatherings.

Bacon Mac And Cheese