Which Town Is Your Personal Mayberry?

If there were one town in the USA that could be your personal Mayberry, what would it be? Which place would really feel like home sweet home and a place to put down roots? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
Do you like to gossip?
All the time, it's fun!
Hardly ever, I'm not much for gossip.
Sometimes, but only if it's very juicy.
Never, I never take part in any drama.

Question 2/10
What quality do you look for in a friend?

Question 3/10
How private are you?
I keep most things to myself.
I keep the important tustff to myself
I'm pretty much an open book.

Question 4/10
Where would you prefer to get your groceries?
A shop I can walk to.
A big store I can drive to.
A box store like Target or Walmart.
A farmer's market or organic grocery.

Question 5/10
What type of weather bothers you the most?
Snow and cold
Chilly and rainy
Hot and dry
Warm and humid

Question 6/10
Do you attend religious services?
From time to time
On holidays

Question 7/10
What's your take on climate change?
It's a big concern.
It's complete BS.
It's probably true.
I don't know enough about it.

Question 8/10
Which model of business is better, in your opinion?
A sustainable one
A family owned one
A lucrative one
A fun one

Question 9/10
Are family traditions important to you?

Question 10/10
Which of the following disasters frightens you the most?
Volcanic eruption
The small town that could be your personal Mayberry is Lebanon, New Hampshire! Not only do you crave all four seasons and that small town way of life, but you want to live in a place where history and traditions are still valued. You'd love to eat at the local diner and restaurants, pick up local art, and know those you run into on a daily basis. This small New England town is perfect for you!

Lebanon, New Hampshire
The town that could be your personal Mayberry is Colorado Springs! Sure, this town might not be as small as some, but you'd love the scenery, friendly folks, and small town businesses. You're an adventurous type who never wants to be too far removed from nature. Mingling with the folks in this town would really bring you a new type of joy!

Colorado Springs, Colorado
The town that could be your personal Mayberry is New Hope, New Jersey! You're a creative and artistic soul who loves culture and the arts. Whether it's strolling through a local gallery or picking up a handmade necklace, you believe that a touch of soul can bring any item to life. In this very Victorian town, you'd love running into people you know, patronizing local business, and enjoying leisurely talks on your front porch.

New Hope, New Jersey
The small town that could be your personal Mayberry is Ellensburg, Washington! You're a social butterfly who loves to run into people you know, chit chat on the street, and get involved in community events. You believe that one should always take pride in the town they call home and that's exactly what you always do. You always patronize local businesses, love to go to festivals, and never turn down an opportunity to get involved!

Ellensburg, Washington
The small town that could be your personal Mayberry is Sitka, Alaska! You're a wild and adventurous soul who isn't content unless surrounded by nature. Though you love to work with your hands and give back to your community, you can also be a bit of a lone wolf who needs plenty of time for yourself. You'd love seeing familiar faces, doing things the old fashioned way, and living life at a pace that isn't breakneck speed.

Sitka, Alaska