Which TV Bad Boy Would You Date?

Ah, bad boys. Most women can't help but be drawn in by their reckless ways and devil may care attitude. Do you know which TV bad boy could steal your heart? Take this quiz and find out!

Question 1/10
Would you ever bail a man out of jail?
Yes of course! way!
It depends on the circumstances

Question 2/10
What are you most looking for in a partner?
Someone to protect me
Someone who can make me laugh
Someone who can pay the bills
Someone who is intelligent
Someone who is experienced and driven

Question 3/10
What is your approach when it comes to enemies?
Shoot first ask later
Make them suffer
Manipulate them emotionally
Form an alliance

Question 4/10
What negative quality can you tolerate that others cannot?
A big ego
A bit of a sociopath

Question 5/10
Would you ever date a cheater?
I'd consider it

Question 6/10
What kind of guy are you attracted to?
The ruggedly handsome type
The clean shaven pretty boy
The tall dark and handsome type
Looks don't mean much to me

Question 7/10
What kind of relationship are you looking to have?
A serious longterm relationship
A brief but passionate fling
Something short and secretive
A one night stand
Something casual

Question 8/10
How would you describe yourself in one word?
Power hungry

Question 9/10
Your partner must have a strong desire to....
Try new things
Be successful
Spoil me rotten
Gain power
Treat me right

Question 10/10
What turns you on the most?
Breaking the law
Being secretive
The TV bad boy you would date is Zack Morris of Saved by the Bell! Sure, Zack Morris isn't bad to the bone. More often than not he's simply creating mischief or pranking others. You like Zack because he's sweet yet rebellious, charming yet dark, and handsome in that bad boy way .

ZacK Morris Of Saved By The Bell
When you look to date a bad boy, you want a quiet and brooding boy who oozes mystery. Few TV bad boys proved more mysterious and brooding than Jordan Catalano. This troubled boy is aching for a good girl to fix his bad boy ways!

Jordan Catalano From My So Called Life
The TV bad boy that you would date is Don Draper from Mad Men! While some may prefer the traditional bad boy, you want the cunning and whip smart bad boy with a charm so dangerous other's can't help but fall under his spell.

Don Draper From Mad Men
The TV bad boy you would most like to date is Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy! You want a bad boy who is as gritty and unpolished as possible. You're a traditionalist who wants your bad the the bone boy toy to look the part and play the part well.

Jax Teller From Sons Of Anarchy
The TV bad boy you would most like to date is Fonzie from Happy Days! You're an old soul who doesn't want her bad boy to get into any kind of big trouble. A simple prank and some necking is all you're really looking for. At the end of the day, you still want to be treated like a lady!

Fonzie From Happy Days