Which TV Family Is Most LIke Yours?

TV families can be dysfunctional or a total dream. From the Conners on "Roseanne" to the Tanners on "Full House," which TV family is most like yours really? Answer these 10 quiz questions honestly and find out! The results may surprise you.

Question 1/10
Which state would you most like to call home?
New York

Question 2/10
What do you and your family believe is the best way to a happy life?
A solid career
Love and compassion

Question 3/10
In your opinion, a family unit should always be...

Question 4/10
You're in high school and failed a big test. When you get home, you expect....
Fireworks from every direction.
To get grounded.
A stern talking to.
A heart to heart with Mom or Dad.
Hiding from my parents as long as I can.

Question 5/10
On Halloween, your costumes were always....
Homemade meticulously.
Bought at the store.
Thrown together last minute.
I was on my own.

Question 6/10
Which type does your family fall into?
Working class
Upper class
Lower class-poor
Filthy rich
It varies

Question 7/10
How does your family spend Christmas?
The way we spend every other day of the year.
With the extended family.
With lots of booze.
With warm traditions.
At church.

Question 8/10
If you were to come home past curfew, you would have been...
Grounded indefinitely.
Yelled at for several minutes.
Totally fine, they don't care.

Question 9/10
Growing up, did you always get whatever you wanted?
Yes, for the most part.
In terms of toys and clothing, yes.
No, I was far from spoiled.
Kind of, but I had to work for everything.

Question 10/10
Who was your best friend in school?
The loner
The troublemaker
The snob
The valedictorian
Something else
Your family is most like The Matthews from "Boy Meets World!" Much like Mr. and Mrs. Matthews, your parents were laid back but involved. While they usually kept their distance to let you make your own mistakes, they always stepped in to help whenever you or your siblings needed a bit of direction.

The Matthews (Boy Meets World)
Your family is most like The Seavers from "Growing Pains!" Much like the Seavers, your family remained very consistent in their values. Still, your parents knew how to switch gears according to you or your sibling's personalities. Though a bit too wholesome for many, you wouldn't trade your family for the world.

The Seavers (Growing Pains)
Your family is most like the Bluths from "Arrested Development!" Let's face it, your family is a bit on the dysfunctional side. Though you may be the responsible one, it's often exhausting trying to stop your siblings and parents from making rash or irrational decisions.

The Bluths (Arrested Development(
Your family is most like the Tanners from "Full House!" You grew up in a rather wholesome yet unconventional household. Much like the Tanners, your family didn't always look like everyone else's. Still, your parent taught you right from wrong, while others who helped raise you helped with the more grown up issues and keeping things light!

The Tanners (Full House)
Your family is most like the Simpsons from "The Simpsons!" Blue collar, hard-working, and totally unconventional. You and your siblings were used to a bit of craziness and dysfunction. Still, despite it all, your house was filled with a lot of love, even if it sometimes got skewed in the chaos.

The Simpsons (The Simpsons)