Which Type Of Diet Is Best For You?

Everyone wants to look their best, but not every diet works for every personality type. Which type of diet is best for you based on your personality? Answer these questions as truthfully as you can and we'll get you on the road to better health!

Question 1/10
When you go to a new restaurant, you like to:
Order the chef's special
Ask for advice from my friends
Look for something familiar
Try to buy a budget friendly dish
Eat whatever looks yummiest

Question 2/10
If you could afford to, you would:
Hire a private chef
Hire the world's top nutritionist
Hire someone to make my kid's lunches everyday
Hire someone to clean my house

Question 3/10
At dinnertime, you’ll often find yourself:
Working straight through
Going out with friends
Whipping up something fancy
Trying to please everyone
Catching up with family

Question 4/10
If you don’t have the time to cook, you usually:
Hit the drive-thru
Microwave a frozen dinner
Call a friend and go out
Drink a protein shake
Eat whatever I can get my hands on

Question 5/10
When you open your refrigerator, you see:
Lots of wine and snacks
Tons of condiments
Fruits and veggies
A hodge podge of weird foods and snacks

Question 6/10
Which type of workout sounds the worst?

Question 7/10
To you, food is....
A nuisance

Question 8/10
What is your top weight loss goal?
Lose 10 pounds
Six pack abs
Have more energy
Get rid of belly fat

Question 9/10
What is your go-to drink?

Question 10/10
When you begin a new diet plan, how long do you follow it before giving up?
A day
A week
A month
Several months
The diet that's best for you is the Atkins diet! This low carb high protein diet was designed for someone who can stick out any diet plan for the long haul. You've got the will power and the resources to benefit from this weight loss program!

The Atkins Diet
The diet that's best for you is the South Beach Diet! You want to look younger, feel more energized, and rock the bikini you had when you were seventeen. You don't want complicated or difficult, you want easy and fast. With the South Beach Diet, the weight will come off with ease!

The South Beach Diet
The diet that's best for you is the vegan diet! To you, eating animals already feels like a violation of your moral code. It's time to commit to a vegan lifestyle and cut out all of the animal products and processed junk. As a nature lover with a strong moral compass, this might be the one diet you could hack for the long haul!

Vegan Diet
The perfect diet for you is the paleo diet! As a history buff who has always keenly studied human nature, it's obvious that you would love a diet that connects you to your ancestors. Not only is paleo pretty uncomplicated, but it's made for folks like you who just want to go all the way with a lifestyle change.

Paleo Diet
The perfect diet for you is the French diet! Let's face it, you're not the type to stick to a diet plan or count calories. You want to enjoy the foods you love without the guilt or the increasing waist line. The French Diet means eating everything you love, but doing so in moderation. Simply eat a bite or two of the croissant instead of the whole thing. Focus on whole fresh foods and leave out the processed junk. Easy peasy!

The French Diet