Which Type Of Teacher Would You Be?

Which type of teacher would you be? Do you have the personality of an English teacher, a math teacher, or maybe a gym teacher? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1/10
What was your favorite subject while you were in school?

Question 2/10
Did you graduate from college?
No, but I am planning on doing it later

Question 3/10
Which of these was your favorite lunch at school?
Hotdogs or hamburgers
Chicken nuggets or fish sticks
Spaghetti or soup

Question 4/10
Which types of tests did you do the best on?
Multiple choice
True or false

Question 5/10
Which of these clubs would you be the most likely to join?
Student government

Question 6/10
Did you/would you ever run for prom king/queen?
No, but I wish I had

Question 7/10
It's time for the talent show! What are you going?
A magic trick
Singing a song
Doing a stunt
Watching from the sidelines

Question 8/10
Which of these groups did you fit into in school?
Nerd/band geek

Question 9/10
It's a snow day. What do you do?
Play outside in the snow
Stay warm inside
Go to work anyway

Question 10/10
If you could go back to high school, would you?
I am in high school now and I want to stay here forever
I am in high school now and I wish it was over
You have the personality of an English teacher! You seem to love to read and write. Most of all, you love to watch real life stories unfold in front of your eyes! As an English teacher, you could encourage others with your love of books and maybe even teach some future young writers!

English Teacher
You have the personality of a math teacher! You live for facts and figures. You look for the correct answer when trying to solve a problem, not a debatable answer. You love the rules and you don't take any nonsense from anyone!

Math Teacher
You have the personality of a gym teacher! You don't really seem to love academics, even though you do seem to be all about sports! You would love to be able to play sports with your students, or just assign them to run a mile if you didn't feel like exercising that day. Either way, being a gym teacher would be a great job for you!

Gym Teacher
You have the personality of an art teacher. You are highly creative, and you don't think that math and history are the only important subjects. You don't think there is just one right answer to most questions. As an art teacher, you could use your imagination every day, which is why it would be the perfect job for you!

Art Teacher
You have the personality of a science teacher. You love to be creative, but you also know how to stick to the rules and the facts when you have to. It's like the best of both worlds between math and art. This job would let you use all of your skills, in one way or other. It would be the perfect teaching job for you!

Science Teacher