Which U.S. State Should You Live In Based On Your Personality?

Where will be your new home?

Question 1/10
Where do you spend most of your time?
At home
Out and about
At work

Question 2/10
Are you someone who like to debate?
Yes I do
Not really
Not at all

Question 3/10
Would you say you're accepting of other's opinions?
I try to be
Not at all

Question 4/10
How much do you enjoy meeting new people?
I hate it
I'm okay with it
I love meeting new people

Question 5/10
Would you consider yourself a dreamer?
Yes I would
I'm unsure
No I'm not

Question 6/10
You consider yourself:

Question 7/10
Which word best describes you?

Question 8/10
Do you prefer to be surrounded by people or be alone?
Surrounded by people
I'd rather be alone
It depends

Question 9/10
Do you like a challenge?
I love a challenge
I'm okay with them
Not at all

Question 10/10
Are you a blunt individual?
Not at all
I try not to be
Yes I am
You tend to look at the bigger picture in life and hope that one day you'll reach you dreams. You romanticize life and go through life believing that something great is right around the corner. You have a pretty big imagination that many people can't relate with.

You're a rather open-minded individual who's usually pretty accepting of other's opinions. Not many things stress you out because you tend to go with the flow and live life how you believe it should be lived. You live in the present instead of worrying about the future or dreading the past.

You love a good challenge in life and you actively seek out those challenges and debates. You can be rather brash and tough-minded at times but that's just because you're a pretty honest person. You're not afraid of saying the truth and offending others.

You're a very warm and inviting individual. You love to make news friends and chatter non stop. You're a humble and down-to-earth individual who takes pleasure in even the simplest of things.

North Dakota
You're a pretty introverted individual who feels most comfortable alone. You feel warm out if you spend too much time with others so you need time to get away and relax your mind. You're always up for a challenge in life no matter how difficult it may be.