Which US President Could Be Your Father?

George Washington might've been the father of our country as the first U.S. President but those that followed him each had a unique parenting style of their own. Your dad has something in common with one of them. Take this quiz to reveal which US President could be your father.

Question 1/10
Did your father read to you when you were a child?
He expected me to read to myself

Question 2/10
Is he or was he comfortable with showing affection?
No, but he showed me that he loved me in other ways
He was pretty reserved but I knew he loved me

Question 3/10
How many children are in your family?
I am an only child
4 or more

Question 4/10
Did you have a family pet?
Yes, and my father loved it
Yes, and my father tolerated it
Yes, and my father was indifferent toward it

Question 5/10
Did your father give you away at your wedding?
I am not married yet

Question 6/10
Does he have facial hair?

Question 7/10
Does he enjoy meeting new people?
Not really

Question 8/10
Does your father get along with his mother (your grandmother)?

Question 9/10
Has your father ever publicly embarrassed you?

Question 10/10
Does he want what is best for you?
I think so
I hope so
Three years before he became America’s second president, John Adams told his son John Quincy Adams just how much he expected of the young Harvard graduate. In a 1794 letter, the elder Adams wrote: “You come into life with advantages which will disgrace you if your success is mediocre. And if you do not rise to the head not only of your own profession, but of your country, it will be owing to your own laziness, slovenliness and obstinacy.” Anything short of becoming the nation’s leader would reveal shameful character flaws. Your father also expects a lot out of you and you want to make him proud. The U.S. President that could be your father is John Adams.

John Adams
Forget mama bear, you have a papa bear who always has your back. The U.S. President that could be your father is Harry Truman. He famously threatened to punch a music critic who had the nerve to give his daughter’s public voice recital a harsh review. Your father would also challenge anybody who dares criticize you and you will always be perfect in his sight.

Harry Truman
Your father might be a grown man but he is really a kid at heart. The U.S. President that could be your father is the playful Theodore Roosevelt. Teddy Roosevelt famously crashed into the wall of the White House attic while playing a game of tag with one of his boys. I bet that you can think of a time when your father also made a fool of himself just to get a laugh. How did we do? Let us know in the comments section below.

Theodore Roosevelt
Your father is a stickler for rules and he wasn't alone. John Quincy Adams refused to allow his 14-year-old son Charles to return home from Harvard over Christmas vacation because his grades were too low. The teenager spent the break studying in Cambridge. The U.S. President that could be your father is John Quincy Adams.

John Quincy Adams
James Garfield sang Gilbert and Sullivan hits to his teenage sons and we are sure that you have a few times in your teenage years when you thought that your dad was just as embarrassing. To be fair, he also cared about their education and enjoyed reading Shakespeare aloud to them just as your father also wants you to never stop learning. .The U.S. President that could be your father is James Garfield.

James Garfield