Which US State Is Opposite Of Your Personality?

Some states mesh well with who we are and what we believe, while others simply don't agree with our personalities. Do you know which US state is completely opposite of your personality? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10
Do you see yourself as extroverted and enthusiastic?

Question 2/10
When handing out criticism you tend to.....
Give it to them gently with compassion
Tell it like it is
I don't offer up criticism
Tell them the truth right then and there

Question 3/10
Could you work from home without supervision?
No i'm too easily distracted
Yes, I'm very self disciplined
I think so but it'd take some work

Question 4/10
You tried on a dress that you love, but your friend points out that you don't look good in it. How does this make you feel?
Self conscious
Irritated but I'm glad she told the truth
A little hurt

Question 5/10
How often do you try something new?
As often as I can
I don't try new things very often
I try new things every now and then

Question 6/10
Which career would you NEVER want?
Park ranger
Graphic designer

Question 7/10
Which food is your least favorite?
Fried chicken

Question 8/10
What's your alcoholic drink of choice?
I don't drink

Question 9/10
What would you most want to do on a Saturday?
Go for a nice long hike
See a concert
Go shopping
Go to the beach
Stay home and relax

Question 10/10
How religious are you?
Very religious
Somewaht religious
Not religious at all
The state that is the opposite of your personality is Tennessee! Tennessee is known as a traditional state with conventional values. You and the word conventional simply don't go hand in hand! You're a free spirit who thrives in very liberal environments. You're not a fan of Southern sensibilities and much prefer the fast pace of the Northeast.

The state that is the opposite of your personality is Montana! Wide open spaces, miles between neighbors and unpredictable weather simply isn't of you. You thrive in urban environments where variety and culture are the spice of life.

The state that is the opposite of your personality is Oregon! Oregon is known for its open minded and unconventional population. Though you may appreciate the creativity of these folks, you much prefer a life of traditional values!

The state that is the opposite of your personality is New York! New York is known for its fast paced environment and its driven to succeed population. While you may enjoy a visit to New York every now and then, you simply couldn't deal with the fast paced rat race of the Northeast. You much prefer a simple life where moments are savored rather than rushed through.

New York
The state that is the opposite of your personality is Florida! Florida often feels like a country all of its own. Though you may enjoy a little time in the heat and humidity of Florida, life in the deep south simply wouldn't agree with your attitude towards life. You're an intellectual individual who needs to feel constantly challenged to grow.

The state that is opposite of your personality is Texas! Texas may be known for its amazing culture and food, but the values of this state simply don't agree with you. Though Texans have traditional values and an aptitude for innovation, you prefer states that are bit more open minded, creative, and diverse.