Which Will And Grace Character Are You?

Will and Grace is one of televisions's greatest and most progressive comedies! The question is, which iconic Will and Grace character are you? Take these 10 personality quiz questions and find out which of these personalities you're really most like!

Question 1/10
Which color is your soul?
None of these

Question 2/10
Which pet are you most likely to keep?
A bird
A dog
A fish
A cat

Question 3/10
Which NYC neighborhood would you like to live in?
The Upper East Side
The Upper West Side
Greenwich Village

Question 4/10
What's your drink of choice?
Vodka martini
Whiskey on the rocks
Mineral water

Question 5/10
On a typical Friday night, you can be found....
In bed with a new lover
Hitting the dance floor
Quietly drinking wine and reading
Going on an awkward first date

Question 6/10
What asset do you love to show off?
My boobs
My eyes
My hair
My legs

Question 7/10
Your best friend would describe you as being rather....
Self centered

Question 8/10
Every apartment should come with...
A built in bar
A walk in closet
A stage
A double oven

Question 9/10
Which type of school are you most likely to attend?
A dance academy
A finishing school
An ivy league college
A community college

Question 10/10
How neat are you?
I'm borderline OCD.
I don't know ask the maid!
I'm pretty messy.
The Will & Grace character that you're most like is Will Truman! Much like Will Truman, you're a highly mature and driven individual who strives for perfection both at home and at work. Some might say you're a bit "Type A," but you know the best way to get things done is to roll up your sleeves and do it yourself.

Will Truman
The Will & Grace character that you're most like is Karen Walker! Much like the iconic Karen, you're a witty and confident woman who knows exactly who she is and what she wants. Though some might see you as cruel and tactless when dealing with others, you see yourself as being bold and ambitious! You can almost always be found with a martini glass in hand and some eye candy on your arm.

Karen Walker
The Will & Grace character that you're most like is Grace Adler! Much like Grace, you're a bit on the neurotic side. You sometimes find it difficult to focus or maintain calm, even when in the midst of a big project or debate. You love to eat and don't care much for manners. Friends see you as comical and fun, yet pretty unladylike in your overall demeanor!

Grace Adler
The Will & Grace character that you're most like is Jack McFarland! Much like Jack, you're a highly confident and passionate person who will do whatever it takes to succeed. Though some may doubt your artistic talents, you'd never short change yourself or give up on your dreams. You're a noted animal lover who tends to put more stock into the lives of your pets than your friends!

Jack McFarland