Which Witty TV Woman Is Your Spirit Animal?

Do you know which witty TV woman is actually your spirit animal? The results may just shock you! It's time to find out just which woman your wit and wisdom truly holds up to!

Question 1/10
Everyone has a unique sense of humor. How would you describe yours?

Question 2/10
Which witty TV man is your favorite?
Jerry Seinfeld
Michael Scott
Andy Griffith
Phil Dunphie
Dan Connor

Question 3/10
What do you see yourself doing in the next 10 years?
Having a family
Buying a few cats
Moving to Florida
Traveling the world
As a high power CEO

Question 4/10
What's your relationship status?

Question 5/10
How would you describe your style?
Artistic and edgy

Question 6/10
What do you tend to laugh about the most?
Random situations
Other people
Everyday life
Funny videos

Question 7/10
How many best friends do you have?
One or two
Three or four
Four or five
Six or more

Question 8/10
Where do you spend most of the time with your friends?
A cafe
A bar
At someone's house
At a restaurant
At the park

Question 9/10
What's your favorite dessert?
Apple pie
Chocolate cake
Ice cream

Question 10/10
What does your Friday night look like?
TV and junk food
Yoga or working out
Bar with friends
Dining out
Going on a date
The witty TV woman who is your spirit animal is Lucy Ricardo! Much like Lucy, you have a need to scheme, plan, and trick. You love a good plan almost as much as you love a good red lipstick. Lucy Ricardo is truly your spirit animal.

Lucy Ricardo
The witty TV woman who is your spirit animal is Dorothy Zbornak of the Golden Girls. Much like Dorothy, you've always got a dry quip or sarcastic remark locked and loaded. Some may say you're a cynic, but Dorothy would think you're a peach.

Dorothy Zbornak
The witty TV woman who is your spirit animal is Mary Richards! Much like Mary, you're a firecracker with an ambition to prove everyone who ever said a bad thing about you wrong. You'll get where you're going because you want it more than anyone else.

Mary Richards
The witty TV woman who is most like you is Roseanne Connor! Much like Roseanne, you're the queen of the dry aside or sarcastic comment. You handle the ups and downs in life with humor and a lot of delicious pot roast.

Roseanne Connor
The classic TV witty woman who is your spirit animal is Carol Burnett. Much like Carol, you're the queen of innovation and invention. Whether you're inventing jokes or innovating a dress out of curtains, you and Carol are one in the same.

Carol Burnett