Which “Wizard Of Oz” Character Are You?

Ever wondered which character from the "Wizard of Oz" you're most like? It's time to find out! With this simple quiz, we can reveal which character you actually have the most in common with. Feel like the Cowardly Lion? How about Dorothy? Take the quiz and find out!

Question 1/10
Complete the sentence: There's no place like....
The Emerald City
A good field
My bedroom

Question 2/10
Your friend just started dating a person with a bad reputation. What do you do?
Say nothing.
Respect their decision.
Tell them to break up with them.
Hope they have some fun.

Question 3/10
Which of these ideals do you uphold?

Question 4/10
Your friend needs help moving, but you have plans. What do you do?
Tell them I'm busy but I wish I could help.
Tell them to hire a mover.
Make up an excuse to get out of it.
Cancel my plans to help.

Question 5/10
What is your greatest fear?
Being separated from my family.
Public speaking.
Failing miserably.
Being made fun of.
Not feeling included.

Question 6/10
What's your favorite thing about "The Wizard Of Oz?"
The songs
The characters
The meaning
The look of it

Question 7/10
What type of movie do you absolutely HATE?
Anything with violence
Preachy intellectual ones
Independent artsy films
Comedies- too raunchy!

Question 8/10
Which piece of advice might you impart to your younger self?
You can't control everything.
Always follow your heart.
Work hard to get what you want.
You can't trust everyone.
Dream it and do it.

Question 9/10
The scariest thing in 'The Wizard of Oz' is...
The Wicked Witch
The Flying Monkeys
The wizard
The talking trees
I'm not scared of anything!

Question 10/10
You wake up and it's a horrible, dreary day. What do you do?
Go back to bed.
Make the most of it and try to enjoy it.
Grumble and walk around kind of angrily.
The "Wizard of Oz" character that you're most like is Dorothy! Curious, helpful, and confident are just a few of the words that can be used to describe you as a person. Much like Dorothy, you'll do anything to help those in need and are always following your heart down the yellow brick road!

The "Wizard of Oz" character that you're most like is Glinda the Good Witch! Much like Glinda, your spirit and personality are just as beautiful as you are on the outside. You are compassionate and unselfish, which means you always seek to do right by others.

Glinda The Good Witch
The "Wizard of Oz" character that you're most like is the Tin Man! Much like the Tin Man, you've been hurt one too many times. Sometimes, you don't want to feel anything at all! But, once you open yourself up to feeling and meeting others, your heart warms and grows.

The Tin Man
The "Wizard of Oz" character that you're most like is the Cowardly Lion! Sometimes it's hard for you to muster the courage or bravery to do the things you want to do. You fear all of the things that could go wrong instead of everything that could go right. Embrace your inner lion and find the strength to live the life you deserve!

The Cowardly Lion
The "Wizard of Oz" character that you're most like is Scarecrow! Much like Scarecrow you're extremely gentle, kind, considerate, and helpful. You believe in putting others first and tend to be very honest and dependable. Though you may sometimes be clumsy or all over the place, your heart more than makes up for your lack of coordination!