Which Woman In Your Life Do You Draw Strength From?

The women in our life can inspire us to be the best possible versions of ourselves. From instilling strength to teaching the best values, there is probably a woman who has given you strength and resolve. Which woman in your life has had the most impact on you? Let's find out today!

Question 1/10
Growing up, you were definitely a very _________ child.

Question 2/10
Everyone has a unique type of soul. You would describe yours as being...

Question 3/10
Did you have any siblings growing up?
A sister.
A brother.
A brother and a sister.
I was an only child.

Question 4/10
What do you tend to need advice on the most?

Question 5/10
Which of these is most likely to make you cry tears of joy?
A sale at my favorite store.
A sweet greeting card from a friend.
A sappy commercial.
Getting a raise.
An unexpected visit from a loved one.

Question 6/10
If you could spend the day with anyone today, who would it be?
My Mom
My grandma
My sister
My best friend
My aunt

Question 7/10
What do you spend most of your time doing at parties?
Testing out the food.
Partaking in chit chat.
Making sure everyone is having a good time.
Playing games on TV.
Drinking all the drinks.

Question 8/10
What holiday is your favorite?
The Fourth of July

Question 9/10
Where do you think strength really comes from?

Question 10/10
What best describes you in school?
I was an overachiever.
I was a total nerd.
I was top of the class.
I was an outsider.
I had to work really hard.
You gather your strength from your mother. From the time you were a little girl, your mother taught you how to be strong, without ever being mean or cynical. From her, you learned resiliency, patience, and a true sense of what matters in this life.

Your Mother
You draw strength from your Grandmother! When you were a little girl, listening to grandma's many stories and life lessons were the highlight of any day. From her, you learned the true strength that lies within, even when the odds are stacked against you.

Your Grandmother
You draw strength from your aunt! Your aunt has taught you how to be strong without ever being bitter or mean. In fact, she likely taught you how to keep a sense of humor about life and to tackle whatever comes your way with a hilarious grace. From her, you learned to take each day as it comes with optimism and strength.

Your Aunt
You draw your strength from your sister! You and your sister have an unbreakable bond, one that will never be broken. You have seen one another through the perils of growing up. From bad breakups to major setbacks, you learned strength and resiliency from your sister.

Your Sister
You draw strength from your best friend! Sometimes, friends are the family we get to choose. In your best friend, you found a family member who is with you through thick and thin. From her or him, you have learned to take on challenges, rise from the ashes, and be the best version of yourself.

Your Best Friend