Who Makes You Feel Special?

There's always that one person who makes us feel especially happy and loved. Friends and family are the most important things in life, so who makes you feel more special than anyone else? Answer these questions and we'll see!

Question 1/10
Which best applies to your childhood?
I was an only child
I grew up with brothers and sisters and loved it
I wish I had been an only child!

Question 2/10
What do you consider the happiest day of your life?
My wedding day
When my children were born
When I achieved a big goal, like buying a house or graduating

Question 3/10
How do you like to spend holidays?
Surrounded by family
Relaxing, maybe on vacation
Any way, as long as I'm with my partner
Watching my children open gifts and have fun

Question 4/10
When do you feel the most beautiful?
When I'm alone with my significant other
When I'm dressed up for a night out with the girls
When I take a photo with my children

Question 5/10
When you have great news to share, who do you call first?
My brother
My significant other
My best friend
My son/daughter
My sister

Question 6/10
What's your favorite way to spend a Saturday?
Shopping or going out with my sister
Hanging out at home with my partner
Going to lunch with my brother
Playing outside with the kids

Question 7/10
What makes you feel confident?
Doing my makeup
Getting praise at work
Getting a compliment from my boyfriend

Question 8/10
Who are most of your text messages to/from?
My sister
My best friend
My partner

Question 9/10
You feel the most safe around...
My partner
My brother
I prefer making others feel safe, especially my kids

Question 10/10
What brightens your day?
Tucking my kids into bed at night
Coming home to my partner
Calling my sibling
Your best friend makes you feel the most special! Friends are like the family you get to choose. No one is closer to you than you BFF, and that bond brings joy to your life. You feel special with your best friend because they always stick by your side and want only the very best for you. You can practically read each other's minds - that's how strong your friendship is.

Your Best Friend
Your significant other makes you feel the most special! Your partner has chosen you to spend their life with. Nothing is more special than this relationship, for either of you. The unconditional love that your significant other gives you is a daily reminder that you are special. No one makes you feel more beautiful!

Your Significant Other
Your sister makes you feel the most special! Sisters are best friends from birth. Your sister is always there for you through every struggle and happy moment. It doesn't matter if you argue or have some baggage; neither of you would trade the other for the world.

Your Sister
Your brother makes you feel the most special! Your brother always looks out for you and you're the most important woman in his life. He is your closest ally. His loyalty is fierce and he is the first one to be there when you need someone. Your bond is special because you can get over any obstacle or silly argument.

Your Brother
Your children make you feel the most special! They're the best part of your life and your proudest achievement. Your children make you feel special with every kiss, hug, and laugh. Your unfailing love for them makes you a wonderful mother! What's more special than that?

Your Children