Who Was Your True Love In A Past Life?

In all of your lives, you have had a great love. But who was your true love in your most recent past life? Were you in love with a famed author? How about a scientist? Take these 10 quiz questions and reveal the identity of your once true love!

Question 1/10
You most often feel nostalgic when you....
Watch old movies.
Read old books.
Go to a museum or art gallery.
Look at family photos.
Hear an old song.

Question 2/10
Which color are you most likely to wear?

Question 3/10
When you think of home, you instantly picture....
A place
A person
A thing
A pet
A church

Question 4/10
What is your favorite kind of light?
Natural sunlight
Bright fluorescent lights
A warm lamp

Question 5/10
You could easily be described as...

Question 6/10
The emotion you feel most often is....

Question 7/10
You wish you had a job where you could....
Do whatever you wanted all day.
Help people.
Inspire people.
Change the world.
Have control.

Question 8/10
Which time period do you feel most connected to?
The 1920s
The late 1800s
The Mid 1800s
Ancient Greece
The Early 1900s

Question 9/10
How often do you imbibe with alcohol?
Almost every night
Several times a day
Every once and awhile

Question 10/10
How do you like to express yourself?
On paper
Through art
Out loud
In photographs
In a past life, your true love was Charlie Chaplin! Ever feel drawn to someone’s eyes? Does silence not bother you in the slightest? Your true love was silent film star Charlie Chaplin! You’ve always been the type who rises above struggle and values what exists in the peace of alone time. That’s because your true love was just the same!

Charlie Chaplin
In a past life, your true love was Nikola Tesla! You’re a very complex soul who almost comes across as a mad genius or creative savant. You simply don’t see the world as others do. In the past, you and Nikola took on the world together, often shirking the critics to pursue your true passions.

Nikola Tesla
In a past life, your true love was Vincent Van Gogh! You’ve always been a highly sensitive person with a deep love of painting and creativity. You see the world as a beautiful place, even when things aren’t exactly going your way. In the past, you and Vincent likely had a tumultuous yet passionate affair!

Vincent Van Gogh
In a past life your true love was Alexander the Great! You’ve always had a thing for power and being the best. You’re never one to settle for second place in life or in love. You’ll often do whatever it takes to get ahead in life, just as your past lover once did!

Alexander The Great
In a past life, your true love was Jesse James! Let’s face it-- you’ve always had a thing for bad boys. You live life on the edge and aren’t afraid to embrace the risks that others fear. Much like your past lover, you’re all about living on the edge like an outlaw!

Jesse James