Who Were You At Woodstock?

What were you like at this legendary festival?

Question 1/10

What do you think about authorities?
They're oppressive
They're respectful
I'm unsure

Question 2/10
Which of these is most important to you?

Question 3/10
What do you think about recreational drugs?
I'm a fan of them and I use them
I like them but I don't use them
I think they're disgusting

Question 4/10
What colors can you find in your wardrobe?
Earth tones
All black
You can find any color

Question 5/10
Why is music important to you?
It contains symbolic meaning
It heightens my emotions
It's how I can express myself
It's unexplainable

Question 6/10
Are you comfortable being nude around others?
Of course
It depends
Not really

Question 7/10
What are you most likely to share?
My talent

Question 8/10
Choose a cause close to your heart
Legalizing drugs
Promoting world peace and love
Promoting the arts
Saving the planet

Question 9/10
How do you feel being in big crowds?
I get nervous
I love it
It depends but I usually don't mind it

Question 10/10
Is meditating important to you?
Not really
Only if I'm under the influence of something
Because of your spiritual nature and your way with words, there's no denying that you probably would be a beatnik at this festival. You would know how to party hard but you'd also make sure to look out for your friends. You know that it's easy to go overboard at festivals so you used your wisdom and experience to watch over them.

The Beatnik
You knew how to have fun and experience everything the festival had to offer. You have a deep appreciation with the wonders of the world and how everyone acts with each other. If you were at Woodstock, you'd spend your time in nature enjoying the sounds of music.

Day Tripper
You have skills with it comes to music and so you'd be hanging out with all the musical legends at the festival! You definitely know how to put on a good show and that's exactly what you did. With your charisma and stage presence, you left an impression that'll never be forgotten.

The Rock Legend
You had no problem showing your love for others at the festival. You were absolutely comfortable in your skin and you want to show others that. You probably ran around topless or hugged and kissed others in order to promote love and peace. You have a genuinely kind and open spirit.

Free-Spirited Hippie