Who Would You Be In An Alternate Universe?

In an alternate universe, would you be anything like the person you are today or would your role be entirely different? Let's find out exactly who you would be in an alternate universe. The results may just surprise you!

Question 1/10
What element does your zodiac sign fall under?

Question 2/10
What time of your past do you remember most fondly?
Early childhood
Young adult

Question 3/10
With which family member are you more united?

Question 4/10
How do you deal with negative emotions?
Let myself feel them.
Cry or act out.
Talk with someone.
Drinking heavily.

Question 5/10
Which life would you choose? A rich life or a happy fulfilling life?
A rich life
A happy fulfilling life
A bit of both

Question 6/10
Finish this sentence: “I wish I had someone to share …”
My day with.
My travels with.
A meal with.
My life with.

Question 7/10
When you envision your future family, is it big or small?
It's big
It's small
It's in-between

Question 8/10
Do you get bored very easily?
Yes, I constantly need something new to fill my time.
Somewhat, no more than most people.
Not at all. I'm easy to entertain!

Question 9/10
Do you like being vulnerable or does it scare you?
I like being vulnerable.
It's okay with certain people.
I hate being vulnerable.

Question 10/10
If you could live forever, would you?
Yes, who wouldn't want to live forever?
Maybe, I'd consider it.
Without all my friends and family? No way.
No, but I'd like to live to 100.
In an alternate universe, you would be a time traveler. You’ve always hated the feeling of being bound to time, stuck in a given century. In an alternate universe, you would have been a time traveller, transcending limitation and hopping from civilization to civilization. Where would you have headed on your time travels?

A Time Traveler
In an alternate universe, you would have been a healer. For much of history, healers were used to ease body, mind, and soul. As someone with a deep well of intuition and a compassion that knows no bounds, you would have healed many people and given light when the spark was dimming fast.

A Healer
In an alternate universe, you would have been a world leader! You’ve always been a natural leader with both charm and tenacity. Instead of using your influence for evil or power as so many have, you would have used your position to make the world a better place. Worry not, even if you’re not in an alternate universe, you can still help change the world.

A World Leader
In an alternate universe, you would have been a famed author! You’ve always had a way with words and a deep longing to tell a story or weave a tale. In an alternate universe, you would have had the time and passion to put those words down on paper and craft a tale that would last through all of time.

A Famed Author