Would You Be A Better Stage, TV, Or Movie Actor?

Question 1/10
Others often say that you're very...

Question 2/10
On any given weeknight, you can be found...
Watching TV
Going out with friends
Working on a project
Cooking up a big meal
Squeezing in a workout

Question 3/10
What's your favorite physical feature?
My eyes
My hair
My smile
My skin
My body

Question 4/10
Choose a profession aside from acting:
Motivational speaker
Interior designer

Question 5/10
Which classic actor do you admire most?
Audrey Hepburn
Marilyn Monroe
James Stewart
Judy Garland
Lucille Ball

Question 6/10
Which award show is your favorite?
The Tonys
The Emmys
The Oscars
The Golden Globes

Question 7/10
You'd most like to be a master....
Horseback rider

Question 8/10
What would make you the most nervous?
Delivering a public speech
Traveling to a new place
Shooting a gun
Riding a horse

Question 9/10
Have you ever practiced an acceptance speech in front of the mirror?
I can't recall

Question 10/10
What region of the US were you born in?
You'd be a better movie actor! You've got that special something that most people lack. Not only are you magnetic and uniquely beautiful, but you are highly empathetic, with the ability to tap into true human emotions with ease. You're compassionate and intelligent, with a talent that far surpasses that of the ordinary person!

Movie Actor
You'd be a better TV actor! You're a charming and relatable soul who can easily tap into the feelings of others. You're empathetic and kind, with a deep willingness to connect to individuals from all walks of life. You're grounded and down to earth, with a style and beauty that isn't intimidating or off putting. People feel comforted by your presence!

TV Actor
You'd be a better stage actor! You're a very energetic and dramatic soul who loves to be in the spotlight. Some might say you love to exaggerate, but really, you just love a good story and enthralling those around you with words. With a flair for creativity and a love of outside of the box thinking, you'd make a killer stage actor!

Stage Actor
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Do you know if you would be a better stage, TV, or movie actor? It's time to find out! Take these 10 quiz questions and reveal what kind of acting you would be best at! The results might not be what you think!