Would You Be Able To Survive Living In the 1990s?

You may haver survived living in the 1990s the first time, but could you go back and survive without the modern conveniences of the modern day? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out if you could still hack it in the 1990s!

Question 1/10
Pick an outfit to wear:
Denim overalls
Oversized flannel shirt
A velvet vest
A fashionable hat

Question 2/10
You can only have one of these thing for breakfast. Which will you choose?
Eggo waffles
French toast crunch
Pop tarts
I'll just go hungry.

Question 3/10
How would you have gotten to work or school in the 1990s?
Roller blades
Get a ride from my Mom
Drive my sweet sedan

Question 4/10
It's Valentines day. Which would you make for your crush?
A mix tape
A card covered in Lisa Frank stickers
A friendship bracelet
I'd just buy something at the drugstore

Question 5/10
What show would you watch after work or school?
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
Saved by the Bell
The news

Question 6/10
You're in the mood for a movie. What do you do?
Flip through the TV guide for options
Head to the local blockbuster
Go to the cinema

Question 7/10
You're trying to connect to the internet but your friend needs to use the phone. What do you do?
Wait patiently
Disconnect them from the phone line
Head to the library
Weep openly

Question 8/10
Which sounds the most annoying to you?
A CD skipping on a bumpy car ride
Not being able to save your video game
When someone doesn't rewind their VHS tape
Trying to connect to the internet for hours

Question 9/10
How much are you willing to pay for a text message?
Nothing, they should be free!
5 cents
10 cents

Question 10/10
Choose a 90's snack:
None of these
Though you've had a taste of modern convenience and life without dial up internet or Dunkaroos, you often feel nostalgic for the 90's and wish you could go back. For you, the 90's were a special time that will never be replicated. The TV shows, the fashion, and the food, are all things that you miss about this decade in time. Not only could you survive the 90's today, but you seriously wish you could time travel back to this amazing point in time!

You Could Survive The 1990s!
You would survive halfway through the 1990s! Now that you've had a taste of modern convenience, you likely couldn't go back to CD's, cassettes, dial up internet, or pre-packaged junk foods. You've never been one to sip on a Hug for fun or reach for a Lunchables in a bind. You're often embarrassed by your fashion choices and could never roam around a video store for hours just to pick a flick. You're too used to the way things are now!

You Would Survive Halfway Through The 1990s!
Based on the results of this quiz, you would not survive the 1990s! While there may be some things that you miss about the 1990s, you could never give up your smartphone, Netflix account, or Spotify. You're in love with the convenience of the modern day. Whether it's the ability to have internet anywhere or the healthy foods that are trending all around the world, you don't ever want to re-live the 1990s.

You Would Not Survive The 1990s!