Would You Have Survived The Salem Witch Trials?

In March of 1692, the Salem witch trials officially began, creating mass hysteria and a slew of wrongful accusations against women. Many were believed to partake in the devil's magic, leading to their eventual death! Back in this time, could you have made it through the Salem witch trials unscathed? Would you have been accused of evil? Let's find out how you would have fared in this hysteric time!

Question 1/10
Here's an easy question. Are you a woman?
It's complicated

Question 2/10
How often do you attend church?
Every Sunday without fail.
Every now and then.
On major holidays or not at all.

Question 3/10
Do you ever talk to yourself?
Only when I'm completing a chore or task.
Yes, I'm pretty good company.
No, never!

Question 4/10
Do you ever use essential oils to remedy a an ache or illness?
Yes, I prefer the natural way of doing things.
No, that's all just a bunch of mumbo jumbo.
Sometimes, but I mostly like how they smell.

Question 5/10
Do you have any strange birthmarks?
Yes, but they're not visible.
I have a few.
No, zero.

Question 6/10
When someone disagrees with you, do you tend to argue your point?
Always, I deserve to be heard.
Sometimes, depends on the topic.
Nope, I just walk away.

Question 7/10
How often do you chat with your neighbors?
Anytime I see them outside.
I text them every now and again.
We never talk.

Question 8/10
Have you ever been described as a "flirt?"
Yes, I have a way with the opposite sex!
When I was younger, not so much now.
No, I'm the least flirty person there is.

Question 9/10
Do you have a cat or a dog?
I have a cat.
I have a dog.
I have both.
I don't have either.

Question 10/10
If someone you knew was accused of witchcraft, would you defend them?
Nope, every woman for themselves!
Yes, I would speak the truth!
Maybe, it depends on how close we were.
Congratulations, you would have made it through the Salem with trials unscathed. During this very dark period of American history, you would have managed to get through without going to jail, going on trial, or being accused of witchcraft. You're very good at going unnoticed and knowing when to keep things to yourself. Your shy and introverted nature would have served you well. If only this period of time had never happened in the first place!

You Would Not Have Been Accused Of Witchcraft!
Back in the mass hysteria that was the Salem witch trials, you likely would have been accused of witchcraft! A woman who spoke her mind, lived with emotion, and who broke the chains of the status quo rarely fared well in the 1600s. Though these are all amazing qualities to have today, you would have been accused of pure witchcraft back in the day! Luckily, you would have survived, just barely. A smooth talker can get her way out of anything.

You Would Have Been Accused Of Witchcraft!
Unfortunately, you would not have made it through the Salem with trials alive! During this period of mass hysteria, logic was thrown out the window. Anyone could be accused of being a witch, especially a strong woman who lived her truth. Though you're far from evil, you have hard time biting your tongue or playing by the rules. All good qualities today, but things that would have gotten you killed in the 1600s!

You Would Have Tragically Perished!