Would You Make A Good Nun?

Think you could hack it in the nunnery? You might have another thing coming! Not everyone is fit to be a nun, but could you make the cut? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out what kind of nun you would be.

Question 1/10
Which of these do you value the most?

Question 2/10
What is your favorite part about the holiday season?
Shopping and getting presents.
Church and acts of charity.
Spending time with loved ones.

Question 3/10
Do you believe god is forgiving?
Yes, absolutely.
Somewhat, it depends on the sin.
Not at all.

Question 4/10
Which of the following things would be the hardest for you to give up?
My wardrobe

Question 5/10
Do you consider yourself a patient person?
Yes, definitely.
For the most part.
Not really.

Question 6/10
Have you ever fallen in love?
Yes, many times.
I fall in love at least once a day.
Maybe once, I don't recall.
I've never been in real love.

Question 7/10
Which of the following colors is more spiritual?

Question 8/10
What comes next? "He was conceived by the power of ____ and born of the Virgin Mary."
The Holy Spirit
I have no idea

Question 9/10
When you commit to something, do you always finish what you started?

Question 10/10
What do you believe to be true?
People are good at heart.
The world is falling apart.
Everyone deserves a second chance.
Have faith and all will work out.
Based on the results of this quiz, you would make a great nun! You're wise, patient, pious, and faithful. You put your virtues and principles above all else. When you believe in something, nothing can stand in your way or change your perception. If anyone could hack it a as a nun, it's you!

You Would Make A Great Nun!
You're destined for a devout life as a nun! It's obvious that your virtues and beliefs are everything to you. You would gladly give up modern conveniences and love in order to make a point or stand up for what you believe in. Sure, it wouldn't be easy, but your faith is important to you!

Destined For A Devout Life!
Based on the results of this quiz, you could be a nun for a while! Sure, being a nun would work out for awhile. After all, you'd love the quiet and devout life. Feeling as if you have a purpose would mean a lot to you, but it wouldn't last forever. Eventually, you'd miss your ordinary everyday life, including the ability to fall in and out of love as you please!

Nun For A While!
The results are in and the nunnery is definitely not for you! You're not the type to put beliefs or virtue above fun or simply living life on your own terms. Not only are you not one to ascribe to a certain religion or faith, but you absolutely detest rules. You're all about living life as a great adventure and doing things on your own timeline.

You Could Never Be A Nun!