You Just Won A Million Dollars, What’s The First Thing You Buy?

If you were to win a million dollars unexpectedly, what would you buy first? A big house? Perhaps a car? What's waiting for you with your new found fortune? Lets find out!

Question 1/10
In your opinion, money is....
The key to happiness
Nice but not everything
Not the answer to all of your problems

Question 2/10
How would friends describe your personality in just one word?

Question 3/10
What word would you choose to define your personal style?

Question 4/10
Where in the world have you always wanted to go?

Question 5/10
Which cause is most important to you?
Animal rights
Women's rights
Marriage equality
Environmental protection

Question 6/10
Which rich person activity do you most want to try?
High stakes poker
Yacht racing
Art collecting
International travel

Question 7/10
What do you tend to envy other people for?
Their travel plans
Their houses
Their wardobes
Their cars
Their influence

Question 8/10
What does your world currently revolve around?
My family
My job
My friends
My education
My faith

Question 9/10
The one thing people would criticize you for is being too….

Question 10/10
What’s your greatest fear in life?
Not having enough
Failing miserably
Being alone
Losing my friends or family
Being homeless
If you were to win a million dollars, the first thing you would buy is a new car! It’s not that there’s anything wrong with your old car, it’s just that shiny new cars with lots of amenities are pretty hard to resist. Especially with that newly won mountain of cash! Go ahead, buy that dream car!

A New Car
The first thing you would buy if you won a million dollars is your dream home! Who could blame you? So many of us dream of owning the perfect home with all the luxuries. If you had the money, you would put all of it into crafting your perfect space.

A Big House
If you won a million dollars, the first thing you would do is go on a nice long vacation. You’ve worked hard, put in the time, and finally want to relax like the 1%. You’re going to take a well deserved few months to travel the world and see all of the things you’ve dreamed about.

A Long Vacation
If you won a million dollars, the first thing you would buy is a new wardrobe! Everyone wants to look good and so many us wish we could afford the perfect wardrobe. Luckily, with your lottery winnings, you can buy everything piece of clothing you’ve ever desired.

A New Wardrobe
If you won a million dollars, you’d do the selfless thing and donate to your favorite charity first and foremost. While you may have wants and needs, you know that you’re in a position to help make some serious changes. You’re going to use some of your winnings to make the world a better place. Good for you!

Donate To Charity