Your New Career Is Calling. What Will It Be?

Hear that? It's your new career calling! Do you know which job you're really destined to have? It might not be the one you've always had in mind. Ready to get started on your new life? Start the quiz and find out where you're headed!

Question 1/10
What's your ideal position within an organisation?
White collar
Blue collar
I don't know

Question 2/10
If you overheard your boss talking with a colleague, which of these words would you feel most flattered by if you heard them used about you?

Question 3/10
If somebody asked you what made you most proud of your work, what would you answer?
Having people admire my creations
Seeing people I've helped
Seeing things which are better because of me
That pay bump I received

Question 4/10
Do you think you would do well working from home?
Yes, I'm very self motivated.
Maybe, I could get used to it.
Nope, I need to be around people.

Question 5/10
Do you have a tendency to take your work home with you?

Question 6/10
Would you say you cope well with stress?
Yes, I'm great at coping with stress.
Sometimes, but I rarely get stressed anyway.
I'm better with other people's stress.
Nope, I'm kind of bad at it!

Question 7/10
If a particular tool or other aid to your work was broken, what would you do?
Fix it myself
Call the manufacturer
Call support
Design something better

Question 8/10
Choose your ideal working environment:
Public space

Question 9/10
Which of these best describes your approach to your work?
Bull at a gate
Lion looking over a pride
Fish swimming downstream
Hummingbird buzzing around

Question 10/10
How much part does improvisation play in the work you enjoy?
It's all improvisation
There's some improvisation
There's no improvisation
Your calling is to be a professional baker! Baking has always brought you joy. Not just in preparing something special, but in watching others enjoy the fruits of your labor. From big elaborate layer cakes to delicate pastries, you love making the things that make other people feel good inside!

Professional Baker
Your calling is to be a real estate agent! Do you often find yourself watching real estate shows on HGTV? Do you have House Hunters set on your DVR? That's because your true calling has always been real estate! Houses and design fascinate you and the idea of putting others into their dream home truly brings you fulfillment. Go ahead, get that license today!

Real Estate Agent
Your calling is to be a therapist! Others have always seen you as someone with great compassion and insight. You're a great listener, one who never interrupts or makes quick judgments against those you are talking too. With your empathy, intelligence, and true skill for reading others, you would make an amazing therapist!

Your true calling is to be an illustrator! Do you often find yourself doodling silly cartoons? Do animated movies and TV shows truly make you feel like a kid again? It might be time for you to pick up the pencil and start drawing. With your humor, wit, and creativity, we think illustration might be the real job for you!

Your calling is to be a novelist! You've always loved writing and find profound stories in the ordinary spaces of everyday life. There are so many stories bottled up inside of you that you're just dying to tell. Pick up the pencil or open your laptop today, you're destined to be a great novelist!