How Positive Are Your Thoughts?

Are you always cheery or can you be a bit grumpy? Find out here!

Are you always cheery or can you be a bit grumpy? Find out here!

Question 1/10
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How often would you say you smile a day?
Almost all day long
Quite a lot
Whenever you laugh
Not a whole lot

Question 2/10
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Your flight is delayed and now you have a few hours to wander. How do you feel about this?
Great! It gives me an opportunity to meet new people!
I'm a bit miffed but I can find something to do
Pretty good. I'm not too bothered.
Annoyed. I just want to be where I'm suppose to be.

Question 3/10
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It is your off day from work when suddenly you're boss calls you in. What do you do?
Gladly accept! Leaving a good impression gets me closer to a promotion.
Go into work. I can always use more money.
Decline politely. You already have other plans.
Don't even answer the call. It's your day off after all.

Question 4/10
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Something you've been hoping for finally happens. How do you feel?
Ecstatic! Excited! I have too many emotions going on to know!
Plesently pleased
Extremely happy
Pretty relived

Question 5/10
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Someone you look up to gives you a great compliment. How does that make you feel?
Giddy with excitement
Proud and happy
Smiling for the rest of the day
Very pleased

Question 6/10
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A customer is a bit rude to you even though you are being pleasant. How do you react?
Stay quiet. Everyone has their off days.
Just silently express your distaste.
Ask to be please be a bit more polite
I'm not too sure

Question 7/10
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When things go wrong, what is your first reaction?
Throw a fit
Probably end up crying but move past it
Get upset but try to learn the best from it
It varies

Question 8/10
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Are you introverted or extroverted?
Very extroverted
In between
I'm not sure

Question 9/10
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Dream vacation?
Visiting a city
On a tropic beach
Exploring the countryside
At a luxury hotel

Question 10/10
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You're publicly embarrassed. How do you react?
Burst into tears
Laugh along with the ground
Strom off
I don't really know

Always positive
You are the type or person that people love to be around. You're always in a great mood, cheery and optimistic and it tends to rub off on people around you.

Positive on sunny days
As long as the sun is shining, you're in a great mood. It's not hard for people to get a smile or laugh from you.

A bit positive
While you not be smiling rays of sunshine, you certainly have your happy positive moments. When you have these moments, everyone is in a good mood.

A bit grumpy
You can be a bit grumpy here and there but that's not to say you aren't positive. You may be a bit more pessimistic than most but you can still be a happy mood.

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