What Pizza Fits Your Personality?

Complete the quiz to reveal which pizza you are! Are you a good old fashioned pepperoni or extravagant neo fusion Italian-Japanese interpretation of the traditional Italian favorite?

Question 1/10
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Where would you rather live?
Near nature. A place with beautiful mountain vistas, as far away from the hustle, bustle and smog of a major metropolitan city as possible.
A condo in the city! NYC, LA or Boston. I love the buzz of major metropolis!
A flat in London, or perhaps Amsterdam
A nice home in the suburbs

Question 2/10
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I like to shop
At trendy boutiques
The farmer's market
The flea market, its all about the treasure hunt

Question 3/10
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My best friend is
Someone I've know since grade school
Changes from year to year
I don't choose favorites

Question 4/10
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I love to read
A good thriller
A good romance novel
About the latest celebrity gossip
My Facebook newsfeed

Question 5/10
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My style
Is classical and sophisticated
More Boho than not
Eclectic, anything from what's hot now to 20's vintage
The hottest labels

Question 6/10
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When it comes to scents
I love me a bottle of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
I only products that have been naturally scented, or make my own

Question 7/10
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For a first date
Take in the latest exhibit at the local metropolitan art gallery
Dinner and a movie
Hike a local trail

Question 8/10
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When it comes to tv
I have to admit, I am a binge watcher!
I don't own a television
The Daily Show

Question 9/10
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I f I could only use one, I would use
I love them all, and bounce from account to account

Question 10/10
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I would rather own a
Acura NSX
Subaru Outback
Tesla Model S
Mercedes Benz E-Class Sedan

You are a traditionalist! Predictable (in a good way), hard working and loyal, you enjoy the closeness of friends and family. Given the choice you would rather take in a movie or go bowling with the gang, of course your plans would include the local famous pizzaria!

The Bomb
There is a pizzeria in South Korea that makes a pizza called "The Bomb," basically they light the pizza flambe-style right in front of you! You love to try new things just for the sake of it, but you have also discovered some of your favorite things this way. People close to you cannot wait to hear about your latest adventures, so keep it up, you definitely add excitement to the world.

White Clam
If there were two words to describe this pizza it would be "traditional gourmet." You like the finer things in life, such as the world famous Pepe's Pizzeria White Clam Pizza in New Haven, Connecticut. You prefer to vacation in Europe, taking in the greatest cultural historic sites the globe has to offer and seeking out the best, most authentic ethnic culinary creations the world over.

Tree Hugger
There is a pizzeria in Georgetown, Colorado called the Alpine Restaurant. They serve a hand tossed brick oven vegetarian pie called the Tree Hugger, it's to die for! Like the Tree Hugger you love nature, hiking and taking care of the environment. You are kind to your fellow creatures and have a habit of visiting the local animal rescue, you might even volunteer for them.

When you do it, you go whole hog! Life is to be experienced to the fullest and your motto is "life is too short not to." You are extremely passionate in all of your endeavors and relationships and choose like minded individuals to be in your social circle.

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