Are You In A Toxic Friendship?

Despite our best efforts, we all end up in friendships that aren't exactly good for us. These are known as toxic friendships! These are friends that leave us feeling depleted and down rather than uplifted and cared for. Could you be in a toxic friendship without even knowing it? Answer these 10 questions truthfully and find out! It's never too late to find a friendship that you deserve.

Question 1/10
What was the last thing you and your friend got into a fight about?
Some boy or a relationship.
Me, not feeling supported or heard.
We never fight.

Question 2/10
Are you always the one asking to hang out?
Yes, it's all on me.
For the most part.
No, it's pretty equal.

Question 3/10
You're feeling very upset. Who do you turn to?
My parents or siblings.
My best friend.
I'm not sure I have anyone to turn to.

Question 4/10
Has your friend ever dated one of your exes?
Nope, that breaks girl code!
They tried to, but I shut it down.
Yes, they most certainly did.

Question 5/10
You've had plans with your friend for weeks. At the last minute, they cancel. How do you feel?
Pretty upset, this happens all the time.
A little annoyed, it happens more than it should.
Totally understanding, stuff comes up!

Question 6/10
Does your friend have a hard time accepting blame?
Oh yeah, big time.
In certain situations.
No, they always own up to their mistakes.

Question 7/10
Has your friend ever spilled one of your secrets?
Yes, it hurt big time.
Kind of, but it was an accident.
Nope, my secrets are always safe with them.

Question 8/10
Does your friend seem to enjoy drama?
Yes, that's why she's always creating it.
I think so, but who can be sure.
Nope, she avoids it.

Question 9/10
If you were to call your friend at 2 AM in need of help, would they come?
Come? They wouldn't even answer the phone.
Probably, I don't really know.
Definitely, I can always count on her.

Question 10/10
Do you always feel like you need to compete for your friend's attention?
Unfortunately, you're a in a very toxic friendship right now. Your friendship is not a two-way street. Where you're supportive, loyal, and always striving to do right, your friend is pretty absent or self absorbed. Oftentimes, they only want to be around you when it is convenient for them or when they want something. That's not a friendship and you deserve better!

A Very Toxic Friendship.
Right now, you're in a semi-toxic friendship. While your friendship isn't downright toxic, it is not uplifting you in any way, shape, or form. Where you're supportive and loyal, they're absent and largely self absorbed. While you would drop anything for your friend, you know for sure they wouldn't do the same for you. Any friendship that isn't good for your mental health is a friendship you don't want to be in.

You're In A Semi-toxic Friendship.
You're in a very supportive friendship! There's not a bit of toxicity in your dear friendship. In fact, you're lucky to have found someone who supports you just as you support them. You both see friendship as a two way street. You give and you take equally. There is never any question if your friend will be there for you, because you know you always have their love in support through everything.

You're In A Supportive Friendship!