Are You Socially Sensitive?

A socially sensitive person can only spend so much time in a social situation before they need a bit of time to recharge. Are you a socially sensitive person? Do you often feel drained after social engagements? Let's find out if you're socially sensitive.

Question 1/10
You usually get more joy out of:
Watching a great movie
Reading a great book
Hanging out with friends

Question 2/10
You tend to find talking to new people:

Question 3/10
You would hate working with someone who’s:
Timid and weak
Brash and overbearing
Confident and bold

Question 4/10
When you meet someone for the first time:
You usually do most of the listening.
You usually do most of the talking.
It's a mix of both.

Question 5/10
When you enter a party, what is your first thought?
I hope I know someone to talk to.
Where's the food?
Where's the alcohol?

Question 6/10
People who first meet you often say that you're...

Question 7/10
In general, which of the two are you more likely to feel?
Bored and under stimulated.
Overwhelmed and overstimulated.
It depends on the day.

Question 8/10
Choose a social activity:
Board games
Playing pool

Question 9/10
You feel more yourself when you’re:
In the background
The center of attention
It depends on the day

Question 10/10
You’re more likely to recharge your batteries by doing what?
Getting some alone time.
Going out with friends.
Going for a walk outside.
You are very socially sensitive! For you, social gatherings can be quite draining or exhausting. You’re very reactive to social situations and tend to feel a great deal of emotion anytime you have to leave the comforts of home. To you, socializing can be a true trial, which is why you often decline invitations whenever you can.

Socially Sensitive
You are slightly socially sensitive! While you much prefer to stay at home with a good book or an epic Netflix series, you do just fine socially. Sometimes, social gatherings can leave you feeling a bit drained. But when you first arrive, you can always put on a brave face and make the most of every social engagement!

Slightly Sensitive
Let’s face it- you’re a social butterfly who thrives in social situations. You love to flutter from person to person striking up conversations and stealing the spotlight from whoever holds it. You dislike being alone and feel easily bored when you don’t have a set plan for the evening. While some feel drained by socializing, you feel empowered!

Not Socially Sensitive