Can We Guess Where You Draw Strength From?

We all draw strength from somewhere. Some of us gather strength from deep within, not quite knowing the source. Others draw strength from faith or those around them. Where exactly do you draw your strength from? Can we guess correctly the first time? Start the quiz and reveal your true source of strength!

Question 1/10
How often do you attend church?
Every Sunday.
On major holidays.

Question 2/10
Are you a pet owner?
I own a dog.
I own a cat.
I own a dog and a cat.
I own something else.
I don't have pets.

Question 3/10
Do you prefer more or less time on your own?
I prefer more time alone.
I prefer less time alone.
It depends on the day.

Question 4/10
Which superhero do you think has the most strength?
Wonder Woman
Captain Marvel
Captain America
Super Man

Question 5/10
A loved one you were close to has passed away and you are heartbroken. How do you deal with this hurt?
Talk with friends and family.
See a therapist.
Reconnect to my faith.
Volunteer or give back in their name.
Plant a garden in their honor.

Question 6/10
You find out that your best friend has been lying to you. How do you handle this situation?
I confront them right away.
I try to see things from their perspective.
I pray for a solution.
Ask my family for advice.
Walk away from the friendship.

Question 7/10
How important is family tradition to you?
Very important
Somewhat important
Not important at all

Question 8/10
What kind of animal do you think is the strongest?

Question 9/10
What is the first emotion you feel when you think you are being treated unfairly?

Question 10/10
Your partner, child or pet has to undergo a risky surgery. What activity would you do in the waiting room?
Complete a crossword puzzle.
Chat with other people.
Walk around the hospital.
Pray at the chapel.
Text a loved one.
You draw most of your strength from your faith! To you, faith isn't just something that is an accessory to your life, it is a priority. When struggle occurs or setbacks happen, you look to your faith for strength and guidance. Most of the time, your strength allows you to pull through and carry on.

Your Faith
Your greatest source of strength is your family! The bonds you have to your family are strong than any chains on earth. When you experience a challenge or setback, their love and support helps you to gather the strength you need to keep going. From this wellspring of love, you gather strength.

Your Family
You gather strength from your experiences! From all of the failures, setbacks, and experiences you've endured, you gather strength. A wise person always from the journey. You're someone who takes every single thing that's happened to you and funnels into a wellspring of strength.

Your Experiences
Your greatest source of strength is your culture! The traditions, memories, and family that creates the sum of you, are also your greatest source of strength. From your culture you see your own inner fire. You stoke the flames and let them burn, never letting your strength diminish.

Your Culture
Your greatest source of strength is your pet! Sure, it may not be traditional, but for your four legged friend, you would do anything. You'd endure the greatest fire and the most stringent obstacle. For their love and unconditional affection, you draw the utmost amount of strength.

Your Pet