Can We Guess Which Generation You Were Raised By?

When you were a kid, were your days spent running around outside until the street lamps came on or were you a bit more sheltered than that? Did you dream of kissing Sean Cassidy or were you all about New Kids On The Block? Answer these questions and we can guess exactly which generation raised you!

Question 1/10
When you turned 4, did you go to preschool?
Yes, of course!
No, but I had a babysitter.
No, Mom stayed home to watch us.
Does daycare count?

Question 2/10
What kind of milk did you drink as a kid?
Soy milk or almond milk.
2% or 1% milk .
Whole milk .
Skim milk.

Question 3/10
Did you have a curfew growing up?
9 PM on school nights.
10 PM on school nights.
8 PM on school nights.
Nope, no curfew.

Question 4/10
How did you get to school most days?
I walked.
My parents drove me.
I took the bus.
I rode my bike.

Question 5/10
Where did most of your clothes come from as a kid?
My mother made them.
A department store.
Hand me downs.
Wherever was hip at the time.

Question 6/10
A typical week night dinner consisted of...
Meat and potatoes.
Some kind of roast.
Something frozen and heated in the oven.
Something healthy and organic.

Question 7/10
How were you often punished?
With a spanking.
Extra chores.
A stern talking to.
No TV.

Question 8/10
Who made most of the decisions in your family?
Mom and Dad
We did (the kids)

Question 9/10
When you played outside, was there an adult present?
No, my parents had better things to do.
My parents didn't even know where I was half the time.
Yes, always.
Outside? We never played outside.

Question 10/10
Did you wear uniforms in gym class?
Yes, starting in fourth grade.
Yes, starting in middle school.
No, we didn't wear uniforms.
You were raised by the Silent Generation! Did you often get the feeling that your parents were totally disappointed in you? That's because they probably were. You may be a baby boomer yourself, but your parents aren't in the slightest. This is why you often clashed in terms of values and the need for more freedom. You had a strict curfew, always had to earn high marks in school, held an after-school job, and were held to a pretty high standard.When you wanted to listen to rock n' roll, your parents wanted you to turn down the record player. When you wanted to stay out late with your friends, they wanted you home early. Dinner was typically meat and potatoes. Church every Sunday. And if you ever talked back you would have earned yourself a spanking.

The Silent Generation
You were raised by baby boomers! Let's face it- you had a lot of leeway and freedom when you were a kid. More than most generations, your parents gave you plenty of independence to do your own thing. You stayed out until the street lamps came on, weren't inundated with chores, and often came home to an empty house. Given that your parents probably had it pretty strict growing up, they wanted to give you a bit more freedom. Sure, you were expected to work hard and pull your weight, but you had a fun childhood filled with all the things childhood should be.

Baby Boomers
Your parents were definitely a part of Generation X! To say your parents liked to hover would be a bit of an understatement. It seemed like they were ALWAYS around. Always super focused on safety, everything in your life (including play dates) was pretty meticulously planned. You might have even been homeschooled! Your parents definitely loved you, which is why they were so hyper involved in your life. Focused on health and wellness, your often averse to risk and not one to step too far out of your comfort zone. Because your parents coddled you, you're not always good at striking out on your own.

Gen X
Your parents were likely generation Jones! Never heard of it? You're not alone. This is the generation of folks that were too young to be boomers and too old to be Gen X. These are the folks that gave birth to millennials. Cautious and competitive, these parents may have let their kids watch plenty of TV and eat their weight in Dunkaroos, but they also wanted them to do well in school and excel. Odds are, you got an allowance, were rewarded for doing simple chores, and were always praised so long as you did your best. Yours were the parents of participation trophies!

Generation Jones