Can We Guess Why You’re Single?

Is there a good reason you're not in a relationship?

Question 1/10
How long have you been single for?
A few weeks
A few months
A year
2-5 years
6+ years

Question 2/10
Have you ever been in love before?
No I haven't
I'm not sure
Yes I have

Question 3/10
Did your last relationship end on good or bad terms?

Question 4/10
Are you very insecure?
Yes I am
I try not to be
No I'm not

Question 5/10
Have you just started a new career?
Yes I have
No I haven't

Question 6/10
Are you willing to settle for just anyone?
Yes I am
It depends
Of course not

Question 7/10
Have you ever been called clingy?
Yes I have
No I haven't

Question 8/10
Have you ever been cheated on?
Yes I have
No I have not

Question 9/10
Are you desperate to find someone new?
No I'm not
Yes I am

Question 10/10
Do you love yourself?
Yes I do
I'm not sure
No I don't
You were most likely hurt in a past relationship so you're being cautious with any future relationships. You don't want to just jump into anything too suddenly and so you're keeping a close watch on your heart.

You're Not Ready
You're currently focused on doing the best you can in your career and you don't need to be sidetracked by a relationship currently. You're definitely headstrong and you know what you want from life and you'll make sure to get it.

Focused On Your Career
You won't just settle for anyone in life and you're willing to be single for awhile just to find the right one. You want to find someone who will fit your standards and you're ready to keep searching.

You Got High Standards
You have no need to be in a relationship right now. You're perfectly happy being single and you're in no rush. You're happy to live the single life while you can.

You're Comfortable Being Single
You're still single because you're waiting for the right one to come across. You're not actively dating because you don't believe in looking for your soul-mate. You know they'll come when then the time is right.

You're Waiting For The Right One