Can We Guess Your Age Based on Your To Do List?

What's on your to-do list might just be the best indicator of your overall age! Can we accurately guess how old you are based on the things you need to do today? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
First things first, what are you going to do when you wake up?
Feed the dog.
Feed the cat.
Take a shower.
Answer work emails.
Enjoy my coffee!

Question 2/10
Time to get ready for the day. What's the first thing on your to-do list?
Hair and makeup.
Steam my clothes.
Start up the car.
Get the kids ready.
Walk the dog.

Question 3/10
What's the most pressing matter on your list right now?
Clean the bathroom.
Clean the kitchen.
Do the laundry.
Mail that package.
Watch some TV.

Question 4/10
Your friend wants to meet up for lunch, but you're busy. What's your excuse?
I'm running errands.
I'm going to the bank.
I'm grocery shopping.
I'm cleaning the house.
I'm hosting a playdate.

Question 5/10
Is your to-do list physical or on your phone?
It's a physical list.
It's a mental list.
It's all on my phone.
What list?

Question 6/10
You have time to do one new thing today. What do you do?
Learn a few words of a different language.
Visit a different part of town.
Write in a journal.
Cook something new.
Take a nap.

Question 7/10
Afternoons can be busy. What do you need to get done before dinner time?
Buy food to make for dinner.
Answer emails and phone calls.
Pick my kids up from school.
Walk the dog.
Grab a cup of coffee to go.

Question 8/10
What's your after dinner to-do list like?
Clean up and do the dishes.
Shower and then bed.
Catch up on work and straighten the house.
Mow the lawn or water the garden.
Call up a relative or friend.

Question 9/10
How many things are on your to-do list?
Less than 10
None of these

Question 10/10
How do you feel when you scratch off your to-do list?
Based on your to-do list, we think you are 65 years old! It's with great wisdom and experience that you know that not everyday has to be jam packed full of useless errands or trivial tasks. While it's important to get stuff done, you value your free time and tend to take things nice and slow. For you, the greatest priorities are always food, faith, family, and relaxation!

Based on your to-do list, we think you are 50 years old! While you love to multi-task and get things done, you value taking things slow and stopping to smell the roses. You get your menial tasks out of the way early and always make lots of time for family and friends. You've go a great perspective on what matters and what needs to get done. You don't stress yourself out or sweat the small stuff!

Based on your to-do list, you are 42 years old! You seem to be balancing work and family, trying to get everything done without leaving anyone or anything behind. Sometimes this leads to a pretty hectic and jam packed schedule! From grocery shopping and soccer games to deadlines and laundry, your days are full from beginning to end!

Based on your to-do list, you are 31 years old! As someone just starting out in life, your to-do list mostly revolves around work and running errands. You're always ambitious when it comes to meeting deadlines and completing tasks, which leaves little time for laundry and household chores. You tend to put work first and home second. Don't worry, you're not alone!

Based on your to-do list, you are 26 years old! While you're almost always busy and seemingly on the go, your to do list tends to revolve around work and social engagements, not chores or errands. When you do find yourself with a laundry list of menial tasks, you try to get them all done in one day, rather than spreading them out. You're ambitious in a way that only a young person truly can be!