Can We Guess Your Age By What You’re Afraid Of?

Do you think we can guess your age by knowing your fears alone? Take these 10 quiz questions and discover if we can actually guess your age based on what your afraid of. The results might just scare you!

Question 1/10
Which of these common fears do you have?
Tight spaces

Question 2/10
Do tight clusters of holes or circles bother you?
Ugh, yes!

Question 3/10
Which uncommon fear do you have?
Belly buttons
Showering with the lights off
Going into a basement
Falling asleep
Getting into an accident

Question 4/10
What's scarier: clowns or porcelain dolls?
Porcelain dolls
They're equally scary.
They're not scary at all.

Question 5/10
Which of these do you find the scariest?
Deep water
Total darkness
Public speaking

Question 6/10
Who do you worry about the most?
My kids
My friends
My spouse
My parents
My pet

Question 7/10
Which animal sends a shiver down your spine?

Question 8/10
Which bug freaks you out?
Praying mantis

Question 9/10
Which horror movie scares you?
The Exorcist
The Shining
Rosemary's Baby
I've never seen any of these.

Question 10/10
Be honest, which of these things would be the scariest?
Getting kicked out of school
Overdrawing my bank account
Getting a bad diagnosis
Losing someone close
Running out of ice cream
Based on what you're afraid of, we believe you're 21 years old! Your fears seem to center around more immediate concerns, like a test you have to pass or an interview you have to ace. You fear failure or making mistakes that could impact your future. You're not afraid to take risks, but you are afraid that those risks won't pay off!

Based on what you're afraid of, we believe you're 36 years old! Your fears seem to center around adulthood and growing older. You're not afraid of work or failing, but you are afraid of losing your health or a member of your family. You're most concerned about safety and wellness, especially when it comes to those you love most.

Based on what you're afraid of, you're 45 years old! Unlike the younger generations, your fears don't revolve around what others think of you or falling flat on your face. Instead, they seem to orbit around fear of losing a loved one, not finding your passion, or being in ill health. You don't sweat the small stuff, but you are cognizant of life's bit concerns!

Based on what you're afraid of, we think you're around age 50! Most of your fears seem to revolve around missing out or not doing enough with the time you have. You don't sweat the small stuff or worry yourself over what others think, but you do have some fears about whether or not you've lived your life to the fullest.

Based on your fears, we think you're around age 65! Your fears tend to revolve around your kids, grandkids, and your health. You aren't concerned with little things that teens or young adults would feel stressed out by, but you do worry about the wellbeing and health of those you love most. Your fears are mature and well thought out. You definitely don't let little things bog you down!