How Fashionable Are You?

Do you have a great sense of style?

Question 1/10
You're going to a party and you have to make an impression. What do you wear?
A little black dress
A cute skirt and top
Whatever I wore that day

Question 2/10
Pick a clothing item to wear
Leather jacket
Skinny jeans
A cute skirt

Question 3/10
Do you follow trends?
I create them
I try to
Not usually
Not at all

Question 4/10
Which of these color palettes do you wear most?
Dark colors with a pop of color
Warm colors
Bright colors
I don't pay attention to that

Question 5/10
Pick a store to shop at
Banana Republic

Question 6/10
What is a clothing item you could not live without?
A stylish dress
A good pair of jeans
A nice blazer

Question 7/10
Where do you usually learn fashion tips?
I wear whatever I want
I don't get any tips
From friends
Anywhere I can get them

Question 8/10
Pick a pair of shoes to wear
Black pumps
Glittery and strappy heels
Tennis shoes
Cute flats

Question 9/10
How do you feel about print?
I'm fine with it as long as it's not too wild
I love any type of print
I'm not a fan of it

Question 10/10
Do you accessorize?
Of course. I wouldn't leav the house without accessories
If I remember
You know exactly what to wear to look your absolute best. You don't just know the trends, you start them.

Fashion Diva
While you may not be the most fashionable yet, you are trying. You're trying to keep up with the trends and look your best.

You're Trying
You may not have a fashion sense that sticks to the trends but you have your own sense of style.

No Fashion Sense
You aren't someone who's concerned about being fashionable. You may be fashionable one day if you feel it or you may not.

Laid back Fashion