How Many Siblings Should You Have Based On Your Personality?

Should you fly solo in your family clan or are you the type of person who thrives within a litter? Take this short quiz to uncover how many siblings you should have.

Question 1/10
Do you consider yourself a loner?
I like a balance of alone time and people time
Definitely not, the more the merrier

Question 2/10
Did you grow up surrounded by a large family?
Yes and I loved it
Yes and I hated the chaos
No and I loved it
No and I wish I had more siblings

Question 3/10
When it comes to friendship
I have a large circle of diverse friends
I have one close friend/confidant
I have a couple of close friends

Question 4/10
What is most important to you?
Order and tidiness
Having friends and showing up for them
Being able to go with the flow

Question 5/10
Of the following, which is your favorite?
Mr. Rodgers Neighborood
Sedans Street
Captain Kangaroo

Question 6/10
Which do you prefer?
Fast Food
Gourmet Restaurant
Pot luck dinner

Question 7/10
What is your favorite color?

Question 8/10
What was your favorite childhood game?
Kick the can
I preferred reading a book
Jump rope

Question 9/10
What month group were you born
January, February, March
April, May, June
July, August, September
October, November, December

Question 10/10
How important is money to you?
Biggest priority
Necessary for living, not my biggest priority
I don't worry about money
You should be/have been an only child. Turns out you prefer to have your parent's complete attention and you dislike all the background noise that would go along with other siblings.

You would be a great sibling to one other child. You enjoy the companionship of a sibling, but would dislike the drama of more than one sister or brother.

You would have them and they would have each other when you opted to be alone. Less than two siblings would make for an awfully quiet house, which would drive you crazy, however more than two sibs would cause you to get completely lost in the fold and that would be unbearable for you.

You love the energy of lots of people and would enjoy interacting with multiple siblings. There is a limit on how much you could tolerate and so three sibs is your limit.

Cheeper by the dozen is probably your favorite movie. You are a rare breed who would thrive in a huge brood. You would would enjoy the chaos and all the chatter of a large sit down meal with the family. You would see your siblings as your built in group of friends.

The More The Merrier