How Much Does Your Pet Really Love You?

Are you the most important person in their life?

Question 1/10
Does your pet always greet you when you come home?
All the time
They aren't able to
They never

Question 2/10
Does your pet always respond to your voice?
Yes they do
Sometimes they do
No they don't

Question 3/10
Does your pet sleep with you every night?
Of course
They aren't able to
Sometimes they do
No they don't

Question 4/10
Does your pet follow you everywhere?
Yes they do
If they are able to they will
No they don't

Question 5/10
How long have you had your pet?
Less than a year
1-2 years
3-6 years
7-9 years
10+ years

Question 6/10
Does your pet get jealous easily?
Yes they do
Sometimes they do
Not at all

Question 7/10
What happens when you make eye contact with your pet?
They get happy
It stares for a few before looking away
It doesn't even look at me
It gets angry at me

Question 8/10
How are they around strangers?
They get mad
They hide
It depends
They get affectionate

Question 9/10
Is your pet trained?
Yes they are
No they aren't

Question 10/10
Does your pet seem to know when you're in a bad mood?
Yes they do
I'm not sure
It depends
No they can't
You can barely remember what it's like to not have your pet by your side at all times. You absolutely love them and you feel like they're the only one who can truly understand you.

You're Best Friends
You mean the world to your pet and they don't know what they would do without you in their life. You have given so much love to your dog that it's no surprise that you're practically attached at the hip.

They're Totally In Love With You
Your pet definitely has some love for you and is always willing to show you that love. You mean quite a lot to them and while they not always be by your side, they can't help but love you.

They Definitely Love You
While your pet may not always be by your side, they have no problems giving you affection. They may prefer the company of others or being alone but they'll still show you love.

They Affection For You
Your pet happens to not be the biggest fan of you but you still can't help but love them. They aren't usually by your side or giving you affection but you are surprised by them every once in awhile.

They're Not A Big Fan Of You