How Much Of A Baking Master Are You?

Do you know everything there is to know about baking?

Question 1/10
How long have you been baking for?
Less than a year
Less than 10 years
10-15 years
16-24 years
25+ years

Question 2/10
Do you know how halve a recipe without really thinking about it?
Of course
It depends
No I don't

Question 3/10
Do you still need to follow a cookbook to know what you're doing?
Not at all
Sometimes I do
Yes I do

Question 4/10
What does "cutting in the butter" refer to when making pie dough?
Greasing the pie pan
Cutting the butter into small pieces
Putting dots of butter into the filling
Incorporating small pieces of cold butter to the flour

Question 5/10
Which flower has the highest starch content?
Pastry flour
All-purpose flour
Cake flour
Bread flor

Question 6/10
Which of these is not a type of doughnut?
Long john

Question 7/10
What activities "double acting" in baking power?
Fat and starch
Heat and acid
Moisture and heat
Baking soda and heat

Question 8/10
Should you grease the pan before making angel food cake?

Question 9/10
What does the term "blind baking" mean?
Baking something in a water bath
Baking without measuring any ingredients
Baking a pie crust without its filling

Question 10/10
When baking a cake, what temperature should your eggs be at?
Room temperature
You've been baking for so long that it's no surprise that you're a baking master. You know how to create recipes without even using any measuring cups. Your treats are delicious and you know it.

100% Baking Master
You have quite a talent for baking and you're not afraid to show it off. You may still need to use measuring cups sometimes but you know eventually you'll be a master at baking.

85% Baking Master
You're pretty skilled when it comes to baking delicious treats. You still follow recipes every now and then but you know that with enough practice you'll become perfect at it.

65% Baking Master
You may have just started baking or maybe you don't have a natural talent for it but it doesn't mean you don't make delicious baked goods every now and then. You're still learning how to bake and it's only time until you become great at it.

50% Baking Master
You're not the best at baking but you just need a bit more practice. You're not the biggest fan of baking though so you know that your baking skills aren't the best.

25% Baking Master