How Much Of A Business Woman Are You?

No matter what career you have now, you might have a bit of business woman in you. Do you think you know just how much of a business woman you are? Take this quiz and find out!

Question 1/10
If you were awarded a holiday bonus at work, what is the first thing you would do with it?
Invest it
Spend it on gifts
Buy a better computer or phone
Put it into savings
Throw a Holiday party

Question 2/10
Do you consider yourself to be a competitive person?
Not at all

Question 3/10
How would your friends or family describe you in one word?

Question 4/10
If you could cast yourself into any group, which would you best fit into?

Question 5/10
Do you like to be in leadership positions?
Not really
It depends on the situation

Question 6/10
When it comes to work, do you prefer to work alone or in a group?
Small group
It depends on the project

Question 7/10
What is your favorite TV show?
Shark Tank
White Collar
Mad Men
The Big Bang Theory

Question 8/10
Would you ever want to own your own business?
I think about it at times
Not really

Question 9/10
Is it more important to love what you do or make money at what you do?
Love what you do
Make money
Why can't it be both ways?

Question 10/10
Do you enjoy following a routine or having strict structure?
Yes I need routine
No it's not important
You are a total business woman! It's all business with you. You are constantly thinking of ideas and concepts that could turn a profit or grow into an established business. Once you are past the conceptual phase, your mind constantly banks on how to improve your business and up income.

Total Businesswoman
You are a complete business woman! Some people say you are tied to work, but we prefer to say you are dedicated to your work. There's not a day that goes by when you're not considering a way to start a business, improve a business, or simply better your financial situation through creativity and innovation.

Complete Businesswoman
You are completely business minded. While you would never let your job run your life, you can't help but make big life decisions from a business minded standpoint. You constantly weigh pros and cons, cause and effect, and how something will stand the test of time.

Business Minded
You are a creative business woman. While you might not be the most financially minded person, you are creatively minded are almost exclusively known for your big ideas and innovative concepts. You help to create business opportunities that other people would typically miss or fail to create.

Creative Businesswoman
You have business tendencies! While you have a strong aptitude for business and finance, you prefer more mellow creative employment opportunities. As a shy somewhat calm person, the world of business can feel a touch too competitive for you.

Business Tendencies