How Should You Relieve Your Daily Stress?

What will relax you?

Question 1/10
How often are you stressed?

Question 2/10
How many hours a day are you usually on social media?
Less than an hour
1-3 hours
4-6 hours
7-9 hours
10+ hours

Question 3/10
Would you consider yourself a patient person?
Not at all
I'm not sure
Yes I would

Question 4/10
How many days a week do you exercise?
I don't
1-2 days
3-4 hours
5-6 hours
I work out everyday

Question 5/10
Is your alone time important to you?
It's very important
It's somewhat important
No it's not

Question 6/10
What do you usually do when you're stressed?
I talk to someone
I go to sleep
I cry or scream
I shut myself away

Question 7/10
Do you ever take it out on others when you're stressed?
Yes I do
I try not to
No I don't

Question 8/10
Do you get overwhelmed easily?
All the time
No I don't

Question 9/10
Do you ever stress eat?
Of course
Sometimes I do
Not at all

Question 10/10
What stresses you out more?
Relationship difficulties
Children and families
Financial problems
It's easy to get a bit stressed when you're always on social media and you begin to compare yourself to others. It's also easy to keep going all day answering emails and keeping up with work but sometimes it's a bit of relief to get away from all of it and calm your mind.

Unplug Yourself
Sometimes when you get your blood moving, the endorphins start flowing and it helps boost your mood a bit. When you exercise and get into it, it begins to clear your mind and release some tension you may have.

Exercise More
It's easy to let the stress melt away and become relaxed when you surround yourself in the middle of nature. It's good to distance yourself from everyday life and focus on the beauty of the world around you.

Spend Time In Nature
One way to help with daily stress is to create a relaxing ritual for yourself sometime in the day. Whether it's taking a warm bubble bath before bed or reading a book outdoors, it's good to pamper yourself.

Create A Relaxing Ritual
One way for you to relax and forget some of your daily stress is to pick up a new hobby and lose yourself in it. It's a healthy way to release any pent of stress and build confidence.

Start A New Hobby