What Do Your Friends Really Think Of You?

What could your friends possibly think about you?

Question 1/10
How honest of a person are you?
I'm harshly honest
I'm honest as long as it doesn't hurt their feelings
I'm not very honest

Question 2/10
Your friends text you asking you to hang out with them. It's about 12 am and you have to get up early. What do you do?
I politely decline the invitation
I just ignore the text
I decline it in a sarcastic manner
I accept it. I'm always up to do things.

Question 3/10
When you laugh, people usually:
Laugh at my laugh
Ask if I can laugh any louder in a sarcastic manner
Just look at me
I have no clue really

Question 4/10
You and your friend are having a private conversation when some random person just butts in. What do you do?
Tell them to get out here
Try and ignore them
Politely ask them to leave
Start talking with them

Question 5/10
Who in your friend group usually got the most dates?
I usually did
One of my other friends
I don't know and I don't care

Question 6/10
Do you and your friends gossip about people a lot?
All the time
Only if it's someone we hate
Not at all

Question 7/10
Do you get into fights often?
All the time
Not usually
Not that I remember

Question 8/10
Do you usually compliment your friends?
I compliment them all the time
I never think to
No I don't

Question 9/10
Are you open about your feelings?
I wear my heart on my sleeve
Only with close people
No I don't

Question 10/10
Do you make friends easily?
Very easily
Not at all
You're friends think you're one of the cutest people they have ever come across. Whether it's your looks or your personality, something about you just makes you adorable.

That You're Cute
When you need to say something, you say it. You rarely keep quiet about what's on your mind. Your friends know that if they ask you fo advice, they'll get a blunt but truthful answer.

You're Blunt
You're probably the first one they call when they make plans. People love being around you because you just keep the mood upbeat and you always have great ideas.

You're Fun To Be Around
Out of your friend group, you're definitely thought of as the intelligent one. You can easily come up with solutions or answers to difficult questions.

You're Smart
Your friends know you're one of the sweetest ones. If they need a shoulder to cry on or just want to be in delightful company, they know they can call you up.

You're Caring